Chapter 11

Destiny's P.O.V.

"Alright now just put the water up there and we will be ready. Carefully Celi," I whispered. We were in the middle of our prank. Celestial was putting the water aon top of the door. Cliché right? I was adjusting the fan so it would hit perfectly. I looked at the fan again and moved it slightly to the left.
"Alright the water is set and the glitter and feathers are set."
"The fan is set." Right as I finished talking I heard the door open. we ran behind Jayden's bed with the rope in our hands. Jayden was putting the food up and talking to Alec. We managed to get him involved too. He was going to make sure Jayden goes up to his room. I head his steps coming up the room. Celi giggled and I lightly bounced up and down.
"Hey Alec, do you know where Des-" He opened the door and all the water poured on him, "What the-" We pulled the string. All the feathers and glitter fell. I started the fan, everything flew straight towards him. When I turned off the fan he was completely covered.
"Ha that's what you get for messing with the twinnies," I looked at him and started laughing.
"You're right. Why don't you give me a hug?" He walked forwards, arm's outstretched. My eyes grew wide and I backed up. I grabbed a glue bottle that was near me and squirted it all over him. He smirked and picked one up.
"Oh fish sticks and crunchy peanut butter." I tried to run, but he got to me first. He opened the lid and dumped it all over my hair, then pulled me into a hug. Squirming free, I ran downstairs and grabbed another bag of glitter. This one was full of hearts and the word 'love' in pinks and reds. I opened it and grabbed a handful. When he came downstairs I threw the handful at him. He came over to me and picked me up.
"What are you doing? Put me down you glittery fairy! I don't want to live in sparkle forest. Nooooo!" He took me outside and threw me on the grass. Then turned around and grabbed a hose. I screamed and tried to get up. He turned on the hose and started pouring water on me. I managed to get up and grab a bucket he had outside. I put it up as a shield. I ran behind him until I got to a part of the hose. I grabbed it and bent the hose in half so the water would stop. Then I grabbed and pulled to towards me. I released the hose so water would come back out and turned it towards Jayden.
“Hahahaha take that! Don't mess with the water queen!” I tripped him and turned the water to full blast.
"Hey that's cheating!"
"All's fair in love and war."
"Well in that case," He grabbed the hose and pulled it down. I didn't let the cord go so I fell down with it. When I hit the ground he snatched the cord and turned it back on me. We chased each other around for about an hour, each taking turns with the hose. Almost all of the confetti and feathers came off at the end, but now we were covered in grass and mud.
"What in the world is going on?" I looked up to see Sarah. Jayden was currently on top of me, pouring the water all over me. I blushed and pushed Jayden off.
"He was so mean to me. He threw me out here and started chasing me around."
"Then why is he wet too?"
“Um.... self defense?" I shrugged my shoulders. She told us to get inside and take a real bath. I ran upstairs into his bathroom, locked the door, and turned on the water. Jayden started to knock on the door. He said something about since he actually lives in this house he should take a shower first. I wasn't really paying attention. I got into the shower and turned it up to almost full heat.
When I was done I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out of the shower. I dried off and got dressed. Then I walked downstairs.
“Hey we need to think of a plan for Mr. Cole,” I said when I realized my sister was still here.
“We should but what?” I thought about it. I couldn’t come up with anything so I shrugged my shoulders.
“I have an idea, we could get a cop to ‘arrest’ him for something,” Jayden said.
“And where are we going to get a cop who would do that?”
“That cop that you managed to piss off said he would do it.”
“Nice! This is going to be fun, now what should he be ‘arrested’ for?” We sat there for about three hours trying to come up with ideas. Eventually Jayden and I came up with an awesome one. He went to call the officer. As I found out, the officer was Jayden’s cousin and they were pretending all along at the store. Stupid irritating family.
The cop, Zack, came over and introduced himself properly to me. Jayden, Zack, and I all discussed the plan. Celestial and Alec were going to do a prank as well and they went off into another room to talk about it.
When we were done, Zack left to go home. Apparently he lived somewhere around here as well. I can’t remember ever seeing him though. Celestial decided she would stay here for tonight so we could all leave at the same time. Mom was at another Teacher meeting, her vice principal was going to be in charge for a couple of days. I really liked him, he helped us with a lot of pranks. Mom didn’t know that of course, neither did anyone else. Not even the polka-dotted, pants wearing pandas. Maybe the panda’s ninja penguin army got lost on the way here from Pastel Prince Palace. I wonder where they could be? Maybe they got lost in the Shrieking Forest or maybe the Banshee Babies took them as play toys.
“Hey where are you two going?” I snapped out of my thoughts to see Celestial and Alec walking out of the door.
“We are going shopping for supplies. So we can do the prank,” Alec said.
“Okay have fun,” I said. They nodded and left. Jayden and I decided to go to bed. It was about 11 P.M. and we needed to get up early.
“Night J.”
“Night Des.” I walked over to my bed. Yes he finally got me a bed since I was going to be staying here for a little bit longer. It was still in his room, but it was a huge beanbag. So comfy! I closed my eyes and drifted off thinking about how I could save the ninja penguin army.

The End

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