Chapter 10

Celestial's P.O.V.

After I was done talking to Jayden I walked upstairs. He is going to learn quickly not to give her any sugar. Normally she doesn't eat any, she must have been getting revenge. I shook my head and smiled a little. Sometimes Destiny can be so mean.

I opened up a random door and noticed Alec laying half off his bed. Guess I got the right room. Wow, that must hurt. Maybe I should help him wake up. I turned around and slammed the door as hard as I could. Alec's eyes went wide and he slid off his bed. He sat and looked around with wide yes. When he noticed me he narrowed them to glare. I looked at him and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Your hair, it's all poof!" I was making gestures with my hands while I as talking, estimating his hair length. Half of his sandy brown hair was sticking straight up. The other half was lying completely flat. His hands went up to his hair. When he realized I was still laughing he picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

"Since you like laughing so much, you won't mind this." He starting tickling me and made sure I was pined down so I couldn't fight back. I laughed until my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe. I finally said I gave up. He got off of me and help me stand up.

"Your hair is still poof though." I bolted out the door after I said this, leaving Alec standing there trying to figure out what I said. By the time he figured it out I was at the bathroom door. He charged out the door the same time I closed the bathroom door and locked him out. I should be safe here. I could hear him pounding on the door telling me to open it.

"Make me freak show!" There was no way he could get in the door. I looked around their bathroom. It was a full bathroom, all white. It was blinding in here. I stopped looking around when I noticed the banging on the door stopped. I started at it warily and back up as far as I could. The door burst open with Alec standing in the doorway. I tried to back up but the shower was right behind me. Alec grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder, bouncing a little as he carried me back to his room. I tried to fight but he wouldn't let go.

He threw me on the bed and grabbed a pillow. Alec rubbed the pillow all over my head while I tried to get up. He wouldn't let me until my hair was completely standing up. When he was done he gave me his hand. I grabbed it and yanked down. He fell on the bed beside me. I got up and hopped down the stairs. Jayden was in the kitchen making something to eat and destiny was still asleep on the couch. I threw a pillow at Destiny to wake her up. She yawned and stretched.

"My head is killing me."

"Maybe you shouldn't eat so much sugar."

"I was trying to mess with Jayden, Guess that didn't work. I have another idea though. I will need your help." I folded up my eyes and told her to continue. She gave me her plan and I bit back a laugh. That will be fun. She told me to go the the store for supplies. I walked out the door and started laughing. Jayden is going to get it. Don't ever mess with the Sky sisters.

The End

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