Chapter 9

I stretched and pulled myself out of bed. I looked around and noticed Jayden wasn’t around. Well that’s odd. I wonder where he could be. Oh well, not my problem. I shrugged and walked downstairs. Jayden was sprawled out all over the couch. I smiled evilly as I got a plan, and this one doesn’t involve the ninja penguins. I am so sorry ninja penguins but this is a great idea. NO, don’t leave me. I need your help with… Uh… Something! Yeah something, you can help me with something! It’s a very important job!

I shook my head and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed his sweetest cereal and some rice crispy treats. I started to eat. After I was done I walked into the living room and turned on the TV. I switched it to Dora because it was early and nothing else was on. Well this is going to be boring.

"AHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOO DORA BEHIND YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! SWIPER, GO AWAY!!!!!" I started jumping up and down. I didn't even spill my food, mainly because it's the first lesson you learn in the ninja academy. After yelling at Dora some more, my throat hurt so I went to get some water. Unfortunately, my foot got caught on the edge of the couch. I slammed into the carpet face first. Yuck! Carpet does not taste good. Did I mention this is such a comfy carpet? It's so FLUFFY! I wonder if it's bouncy. Or maybe someone actually got lost in here. I bet some mini peoples are running around in here like its grass. Maybe I should greet them and demand they took me to their leader. Ooor....

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard laughing. I looked over to see Jayden. I glared at him. How dare the giant make fun of me? Didn’t he know I was the most graceful ugly swan in all of Clumsyswanville? I stuck my tongue out at him and pushed myself up. He was still laughing so I tackled him onto the floor. We accidently hit the remote and it changed to that one show with the blue dog that had the stupid human that can’t figure out his blue clues. I can’t remember what the show is called.

"YOU’RE SOOO STUPID DUDE, THE CLUE IS RIGHT THERE, I MEAN COME ON!!!! ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING?? CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF!?" I started throwing pillows right above the TV. Stupid kids show people. I was about to throw a cushion at the TV when Jayden grabbed me.

“Are you drunk?” I shook my head and made a gagging noise. Yuck, that stuff smells nasty. Why would I ever drink it? I pulled out of his grasp and ran into the kitchen. I grabbed a spoon and started licking it. I’m hungry, what should I eat? I searched through the kitchen until I found the perfect foods. I grabbed rice crispy treats, fudge brownie ice cream, candy corn, and some chocolate bars. I crushed everything up and pit it in a giant bowl. Nummy! I dug in and started to eat. So sweet!

I heard Jayden open the door. Yay more people! This is going to be such a fun party!


“I have missed you so much Celi,” I jumped up and went to hug her. She grabbed me and threw me onto the couch muttering ‘sit’. I sat and started string out the window. I could hear Jayden and Celestial arguing about me in the background. I heard Celestial say that she knew I had been kidnapped all along. What, she left me here to take care of myself? She is the meanest sister ever!

I eventually got bored of their talking so I went over to the radio and turned it on. ‘Jizz in My Pants’ by The Lonely Island came on. This is the stupidest song ever. I started to dance along with it.

Jayden’s P.O.V.

“I hope you are home alone. She will be like this for a while.”

“Just Alec, but he will survive. How long have you known?”

“Since Monday, Alec told me. Ok here are the rules you should know about her. Rule number one is no sugar ever. Two is don't let anyone drunk around her, she absorbs it. And three is never, EVER, try to calm her down if she is like this. You will die."

“Noted. When will she stop?”

“About twenty minutes. The worst twenty minutes ever.” I nodded and turned to look at Destiny. She was twirling around the living room singing. She suddenly came up to me and grabbed my hands. Her eyes were bright as she started dancing around with me. Celestial walked upstairs to check on Alec. Destiny and I danced the whole twenty minutes. She started to get really dizzy from all the twirls so I grabbed her. She looked up at me and smiled then slapped my hand away.

“Thank you Edward Cullen, But I told you, I DON’T LIKE UGLY FAIRIES!" She got up and slapped me lightly. Giggling she turned around and started singing again. I looked at her. She is insane. I laughed. Destiny looked at me and smiled.
"Jayden you saved me from the ugly fairy. He was so mean to me." She had tears in her eyes, "I though I was going to become fairy food." I walked over to her and told her I would never let her be eaten. She smiled and kissed me on the lips. During the kiss her eyes fell shut and she went limp. I carried her over to the couch and covered her up.

I can’t believe she kissed me.

The End

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