Chapter 8

After Jayden stopped in front of the doors I hopped out of the car. I burst through the doors and started to apologize before I could even see my boss. Nancy popped her head out of some doors in the back. Nancy is my boss. She had pale gray hair and pale blue eyes. She is about fifty but she has an aura about her that makes her seem much younger than she looks. She is one of the top vets in the state and almost everyone drives to our town to see her.

When Nancy noticed me she smiled and motioned me over to her. I grabbed a coat and gloves then ran over to the doors. She made a shushing sound and motioned to the operating table. I looked over and noticed a silver heap of fur on top. I quickly ran over and looked at it. A mastiff puppy was curled up asleep. She had a cast on her front right leg and a couple stitches in her ear. Nancy came up and told me that her name was Flec and she was Lily’s dog. I bit my lip as I felt sympathy overwhelm me. Lily was an orphan since she was seven. Her dad left when she was five and her mom committed suicide two years later. The only family she had left was her dog.

Flec had been hit by a car near the park. She had chased another dog onto the road. Only her leg was broken so she would be fine and the other dog wasn’t hurt at all. I gave Flec a quick kiss and ran my fingers through her fur. I walked to the waiting room to see Lily sitting in one of the blue plastic chairs. She was in a corner all by herself. I grabbed another chair and sat beside her. She looked up briefly and asked how Flec was doing.

“She will be fine. She is going to have to stay for a couple weeks but she will be alright. Maybe when Flec wakes up Nancy will let you see her.” She looked up hopefully at Nancy, who was now behind me, and asked. Nancy nodded her head and patted her on the shoulder. I looked in my coat pocket and grabbed one of the lollypops that I always had in there. I made sure it was a blue raspberry and handed it to Lily.

“Yummy that’s my favorite!” She grabbed it and popped it into her mouth, “It always makes my tongue blue though.”

“Yes it does. How have you been? It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

“I have been good. Ms. Evens even said I could stay with you again in a week or so if I keep it up.” I nodded and smiled. Ms. Evens was her caretaker at the orphanage and she didn’t like me very much. Plus the fact that last time Lily stayed with me she ran off. I knew I was going to try to adopt her once I turned old enough but for now I just took care of her as much as I could.

I groaned and stood up. Flec should be awake by now so I took Lily to the back. When we walked in Flec was lying down on the table. As soon as Flec noticed Lily she started wagging her tail and whining. Lily ran over and started to kiss Flec. Flec returned the kisses, equally as happy.

Ms. Evens came around seven and took Lily home. I put Flec into one of the kennels and made sure she was comfortable. I also checked on all of the other pets we had staying the night. There was probably about twenty all together. After I made sure that everyone was fine I walked into the waiting room to start picking up. I walked in and noticed Nancy was talking to Jayden about something. Crap, I forgot all about Jayden today. I hope he didn’t mind staying here all day. Nancy looked up and I sat beside her.

“We were just talking about you. Jayden is your kidnapper huh?”


“I assume you already checked all the animals and cleaned everything up. Even though I said I have it under control.”

“Yep, I have it you can’t be doing all the work.” Nancy had one or two more people working for her but she didn’t let them do a lot. They were untrustworthy I guess.

“Well thank you. And thank you for coming in even if it was your day off.”

“It was my day off?”

“Yes, don’t you ever look at the schedule?” I shook my head no and smiled. Nancy just laughed and shook her head mumbling, ‘of course not’. Nancy got up and announced that she was going to bed. We were a twenty-four hour veterinary clinic but I made sure she hired someone else for nights so she could sleep. I hugged her and walked outside.
I shivered at the cold and ran to the car to get warm. Once I was inside I blasted the heat up all the way. Then I started to find a radio station that I liked. I paused when I found a good song. It was ‘Out Here’ by Boondox. I wasn’t expecting Jayden to know it, or even like it so he shocked me when he started to sing. I started at him with a ‘holy cow’ look. After the first minute I snapped out of it and started to laugh.

“What,” Jayden asked irritated.

“First off, I can’t believe you know that song. Second, you are the worst singer ever.”

He snorted, “No, you are the worst singer ever. Cats rip out their ears when they hear you.” I glared at him and turned away. I refused to talk all the way to his house

The End

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