Chapter 7

I heard Jayden telling me to hurry up from downstairs. I smiled and continued to brush my hair even slower. I could normally be ready in ten minutes but for the last three days it has been taking me forty-five minutes minimum. I can’t imagine why. It was day three of my kidnapping, Wednesday. I haven’t talked to anyone in this house that whole time. I haven’t talked to anyone actually. I wasn’t mad at anyone, in fact I was having fun, the only reason I was ignoring people was because on Monday Drake and I made a bet on how long I could keep quiet.

I could hear Jayden stomp up the stairs and I looked at the clock. Oops, almost time for school. Oh well I guess we will be late again. He stood right in front of my bag and asked me if I had heard him. I shouldered past him and grabbed some random things out of my bag. When I walked into the bathroom I realized that I had a tank top and shorts in my hands. I glared at the clothes but put them on anyway. I guess when my sister packed my bag she forgot my normal clothes. I would normally be wearing one of Codi’s old over sized T-shirts and some big sweatpants but I couldn’t find any in my bag. I looked in the mirror at the clothes again. I had on a dark purple and black zebra striped tank top and some short black shorts. The shorts even had some sparkles on them. I didn’t even have clothes like these in my closet. They must have been hidden away somewhere from a birthday party or something.

I sighed and walked downstairs and pretended that I had been waiting on Jayden forever when he came down. When he walked down I grabbed my ballet flats and my backpack. I walked to the passenger seat of his car and made a face. He had a sports car of some kind. I wasn’t really sure what and I didn’t care. It was too tiny for my taste. It was bright yellow too. When Jayden got into the car I put in my headphones and set my music on shuffle. ‘Diamond Eyes’ by Shinedown started to play. I turned it up and started to mouth the words.

When Jayden finally got to the school, that boy takes forever to drive, I hopped out and ran to the benches. Drake smirked and gave me a wave. I waved back and ran to homeroom, which has the oh so lovely Mr. Cole in it. I still haven’t played any pranks and I was getting sick of it. Homeroom is so boring if you aren’t playing pranks. Actually, the whole school is boring without pranks. I couldn’t even talk to make him mad! I walked over and sat beside Alec and Celi. I looked at Celi once before class started. She smiled and mouthed hi to me. I mouthed back and turned to face the whiteboard. How had she not figured out what was happening yet? Maybe she was in on it.

At lunch time I walked over to sit by Turner and Drake. No one except for Drake and I knew about our bet so everyone kept wondering why I wasn’t talking. Turner even tried to drag me to the hospital a few times. When I sat down Turner looked up from his food and said hi. I waved and started to eat. He sighed and continued to talk to Drake about something. Jayden came shortly after and sat beside me. He tied to talk to me but I kept ignoring him. When I looked up I noticed Chloe glaring at me from the Barbie table. I noticed she was looking at Jayden from time to time so I scooted closer and wrapped my arm around him. I noticed that Jayden stuttered for a moment before acting like nothing happened. Chloe’s eyes turned as wide as saucers and she turned back to the table after sending me one final glare.


After school Jayden drove us back home in his hideous car. I could smell something coming from the kitchen. I set my bag on the living room window seat and walked towards the yummy smell. Sarah was cooking steaks and broccoli with cheese. Yummy! I walked over to her and started to help when I noticed she was having some problems. She thanked me.

“No problem Sarah.” I paused and shut my eyes tightly when I realized my mistake.

“Oh so you decided to talk finally huh?” I could see her smiling. I quickly explained to her the bet Drake and I made. She nodded and said she was going upstairs to do laundry. That left me to cook all this yummy food by myself. I started putting the steaks on and turned on my music. ‘Diamond Eyes’ had been stuck in my head since this morning so I put it on again. I started to quietly sing along to the words.

“I think the band was right, that is horrible singing.” I spun around and noticed Jayden sitting on the counter clapping. I noticed a black sketchbook beside him. I glared and snatched the book from beside him.

“This is mine, what are you doing with it.”

He held up his hands in surrender, “Your bag fell over and this was on the top. I looked in it being the nosey person I am. You are a very good drawer by the way.” I sighed and placed the book back on the counter. I turned the music back up and started to cook again. After two songs I felt someone wrap their hands around my waist and pick me up.

“Jayden put me down right now!”

“I don’t think I will princess.” I could hear Jayden laughing behind me. He started to spin me around until I was super dizzy. He set me on the counter and looked at me. I faced away from him because the sight of his head spinning was making me sick.

“Aww, not going to look at me now?” He picked me up and set me back down on the floor. After he made sure I wouldn’t fall he grabbed the plates and started to set the table. I could hear people whispering so I walked to the kitchen door. Sarah and Alec were standing with their heads pressed to the door. When they noticed me they smiled and went to sit down. I grabbed the food and passed it out.

“These are really good. What did you do to them?”

I looked at Jayden and smiled, “Nothing much just a little arsenic.” I watched Jayden try to get the food out of his mouth. Alec and I started laughing and I managed to fall out of the chair. That caused Alec to laugh even harder. Sarah even let out a little giggle. Meanwhile Jayden was staring at us like we had just grown lollipop heads.

“I was kidding you dummy.”

“Oh, I knew that,” Jayden said. His ears turned pink and he dipped his head low.

“Sure you did, and I have an Aunt hummingbird.”

“Well that would explain why you are so short.” I glared at Jayden and made a slicing motion on my neck. When we were finished eating Jayden and I did the dishes then went to watch TV. I had barely flopped down on the couch when my phone rang. Jayden had given it back to me on Monday because my mom kept calling. I answered without even looking at the I.D. It was probably mom anyway. When I got off the phone I turned to Jayden.

“I know that I am supposed to stay here, but I completely forgot about my job. Can I please go?”

I heard him sigh, “Fine, where is your job at?”

The End

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