Chapter 6

Jayden tossed me on his bed. I bounced up into the air a couple of times before the bed finally settled. When I managed to sit back up I started screaming at Jayden. He must have planned this out a few days before because he had everything perfectly planned out. I had a friend that lived a couple of towns over. I didn’t talk to her much but I would occasionally ask to stay at her house for a while. Jayden managed to make my mom buy that I would be staying at her house for a while.

The whole time I was screaming at him he just had a stupid smirk on his face, like he thought he was better than me. After about twenty minutes of me yelling my throat was getting sore. His smirk was finally started to piss me off so I jumped up and tackled him to the floor.

His smirk finally came off as he fell backwards. Guess he didn’t have that planned out now did he? After he fell I jumped up and started to run outside. As I got to the bottom of his stairs Sarah walked through the front door. Alec tackled me, and I watched Sarah’s eyes grow bigger as she noticed I was tied up. Alec looked up and gave a sheepish smile to his mom.

“I will explain in just a minute, first I have to take Destiny upstairs.” Alec carried me up the stairs and put me back on the bed. He grabbed some handcuffs and grabbed my left hand. He clipped one side to my left hand and the other to Jayden’s bed frame. Then he winked at me and walked downstairs with Jayden. After they left I struggled to get out of the handcuffs. With most fake ones if you pull and twist just enough, they pop open. After five minutes of struggling I gave up. How did they get real handcuffs? I sighed and sat on the bed so I would be comfortable. I could hear voices from downstairs, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Oh well, Sarah wouldn’t let them keep me here.

After a few minutes Jayden came upstairs. He had that stupid smirk back on his face. I glared at him in warning. If he came to close I was going to wipe that stupid smirk off of his face. He told me that he had everything fixed and that Sarah said it was alright if I stayed here a while. Damn, I thought she would save me for sure. He asked me to beg for forgiveness and he would let me go. I looked at him and spat in his face. He shrugged and walked downstairs.

I struggled with the handcuffs so I could grab my phone. It was on Jayden’s bedside table and just out of my reach. I tried to get it until my arm started to feel sore. After that I gave up and settled down to go to sleep. It would make the time shorter anyway. It only took a few minutes until I was out.


I heard footsteps walking upstairs. Jayden’s door creaked open and he walked through the door. He whispered a something about how he didn’t mean to wake me and crawled on the other side of his bed. My eyes shot open and I turned around.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Sleeping obviously,” Jayden said rolling his eyes.

“I will not share a bed with you.”

“You don’t have a choice, now go to bed.” He rolled over and fell asleep. I tried to protest but I was too tired. My eyes started to shut again and I let my dreams consume me. This is going to be one long week.

The End

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