Chapter 5

“TURN NOW!! YOU MISSED IT, I CAN’T BELIVE YOU FREAKING MISSED TE TURN!!” I WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN Jayden’s car. After he missed the turn I huffed and sat back down. I can’t believe he freaking missed the turn. I gave him five whole seconds to turn before the turn came. Stupid person won’t listen.

“You are really bad at directions.”

“I know. Turn at the next right, there is another way to the store.”

“Then why did you freak out so much?”

“That way had an ice-cream store.” He laughed and told me how crazy I was. I ignored him and plugged my phone into his stereo. I turned it to the llama song and turned it up. I started to hop around mouthing the words. He raised one of his eyebrows at me and shook his head. I ignored him and continued to listen to the music. I stuck my tongue out at him when he wasn’t looking. When I noticed the turn coming up I started to yell.

“I TOLD YOU TO TURN? WHY DIDN’T YOU TURN?” I continued to yell at him for about three minutes before he turned to look at me.

“I did turn destiny.” I paused and looked around. Oh look he did turn. How did I not notice that?

“Oh, well then good job.” I blushed and turned to look out the widow. In a couple minutes we were at a hardware store. We walked in and the first thing I noticed was the smell. I am not quite sure what the smell was, but every single hardware store has the same freaking smell. We walked around the store for a while until I finally decided to ask what he had to get. He told me all he had to get were some light bulbs. He made me come all the way down here for some freaking light bulbs? How dare he? After fuming and stomping my feet around like a little kid for half an hour, for some freaking light bulbs, I decided I might as well have some fun. I took a deep breathe and ran down an isle screaming.

“RAAAAPPPPPPPPPPEEEEE,” Jayden started to chase after me. I looked around and noticed that no one even looked around. I could be dying here and no one even cares. I stopped and remembered my mom telling me that if someone ever tried to rape me scream fire, because then they would come thinking something important to them is burning.

“FIRE, BURNT COOKIES!” after I said the last part everyone turned around. What the heck? I could be getting raped but all they care about is the damn cookies? Jayden stopped beside me glaring. I ignored him and decided that all of these people deserved to be eaten by my dinosaur for being so mean. I started running after a little kids screaming ‘roar’ at the top of my lungs. I ran up to a little kid and started to chase them around until he ran to his mommy. The mom glared at me and stalked off. Grumpy old lady, I know what she needs! Pancakes, everyone loves pancakes! I was about to chase after the kid when Jayden grabbed me and dragged me towards the store doors. I started to struggle and fight but he wouldn’t let me go. I noticed a cop come in through the doors and I started screaming. He noticed me and walked over to us.

“Is something the matter?” I resisted rolling my eyes at him. Jayden replied in the negative and tried to pull me outside. I grabbed on to the officer and started begging for him to help me. I watched the cop’s expression go from stern to startled.

“Alright I will have to take you to the station with me. Why don’t you let go of the girl?”

Jayden was about to reply when Alec walked up. “What is going on?” The officer told him what was going on. Alec’s expression turned to shock.

“Is that true?”

“Yes, Well... I mean… I didn’t think you would actually arrest him.” I looked down and bit my lip. I can’t believe I stuttered on that! I never stutter. The cop sent me a stern look and walked off. Great there goes all my fun. I looked up at Jayden and noticed he was smirking. Crap! Why was he smirking? I started to back away from him. Alec grabbed my wrists and tied something around them. I started to scream after the officer and fight back but he wouldn’t let go. Oh pickles and eggs, I’m in trouble now. Jayden picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He got a couple startled glances from people in the store but they made no move to help me. He carried me out of the store and next to his car. He put me down so he could find his keys. As soon as my feet touched the ground I ran. I didn’t even make it past two cars before he caught me again. He dropped me into the passenger seat and buckled me up. He made sure the door was locked and climbed into the driver’s side. After trying to untie my hands from the knot for a few minutes I gave up and rested my head on the seat.

The End

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