Chapter 4

Jayden’s P.O.V.

I woke to the sound of a guitar playing. I jumped up out of bed, tipped over the blankets, and fell face first onto the ground. I got up and rubbed my nose. Alec walked into my room. He rubbed his eyes and glared out of my window. I looked over and noticed Destiny on her balcony playing a guitar and screaming at people to wake up. I looked over at the clock. It was 6:20. How the heck can that girl be up at this time? They didn’t sleep until 3:00.

I groaned and rolled out of bed. I grabbed some random pants and tee-shirt and walked downstairs. Mom was already downstairs putting breakfast on the table. I grabbed some pieces of bacon and fell backwards onto one of the kitchen chairs. It slid a little away from the table so I scooted back to the table and grabbed a plate. When Alec and I were finished eating mom suggested that we go over to meet Destiny’s band. Mom said he would even join us. She and Alec went to get dressed and then we headed next door. At 7:00 in the morning.

Destiny’s P.O.V.

I woke up around 6:20 and looked around. Everyone else was still asleep. We had all stayed downstairs so there would be enough room. Celestial was spread out all over the pull out couch. Turner was halfway out of the recliner. His head was on the floor and the rest of him was still in the seat. Drake had decided to go upstairs since he didn’t want to sleep on the floor. Iris didn’t stay because she lived closer to me and she would rather be at home. She should be here soon. I had woken up spread out all over the coffee table. Let me tell you, the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

After I had finally managed to make up I walked upstairs and grabbed my bass. I plugged it in and started to play. I made sure that the whole house could hear me. Then I started to yell at them for how lazy they were. I am just the best friend ever. After I was sure that everyone would be awake I walked downstairs and headed up some toast. Celestial made coffee and handed one cup to everyone except for me. Yuck, I hate coffee and energy drinks and booze and…

Celestial waved her hand in front of my face and I snapped out of it. Turner just stared at my cup of water and snorted.

“How can you live without coffee? We only had three hours of sleep,” He asked looking at me like I had sprouted three heads. Trust me I’d know. It happened once when I… Never mind that is a story for a different time.

“Because it tastes nasty, and three hours is a long time.”

“For you maybe for everyone else it is way too little.” I just shrugged and put some grape jelly on my toast. I heard a knock at the door. My eyes widened. Oh fraket, I completely forgot about the new neighbors. I opened the door. Before it was even completely open I started to apologize. Sarah stopped me and said it was fine. She just wanted to come and meet everyone. I smiled and let them all in.

“Turner, is drake still asleep?”

“Yes, payback time?”

“You know it,” I laughed and walked upstairs. I walked into my bedroom and noticed drake spread all over my bed, with a little drool falling onto my pillow. Oh he is so going to pay for that! I walked over to him and smiled sweetly. Then I screamed as loud as I could. His eyes flew open and he jumped about three feet off the bed and landed right on the floor. He noticed it was me and started yelling colorful words at me. I cut him off and told him it was time for practice. Then I skipped out and walked downstairs. Celestial and I high-fived each other and smiled knowingly. Drake walked downstairs a few moments later and everyone started cracking up.

“Dude who is the groom,” Turner looked at me and shook his head. He knew that it was my turn. Almost every time Drake and I stayed in a house together we would play pranks on each other. Last tie he had poured freezing cold water over me and locked me outside. I was being nice. Drake looked at the living room mirror, his eyes bulged and his jaw dropped. He was wearing a plain white sundress that Celi found in the back of my closet. He also had a butterfly hairclip in and some light blue makeup. Celestial had put on the makeup and hair clip. Celestial then started to comment on his appearance. Something about how blue was a perfect color for him.

Alec and Sarah were looking between Drake and me, horrified looks on their faces. I expected the same look on Jayden but when I looked over he was trying not to laugh. I walked over to him and pretended to try to escort him to the wedding. When he refused I pretended to be confused for a moment before I smiled knowingly and muttered that he had cold feet. He glared at me and started to yell at me to get him out of the dress. I laughed and twirled him around so I could unzip it. After I had the dress unzipped Drake ran upstairs and took a quick shower. I continued to ignore Sarah and Alec’s horrified looks and grabbed my guitar. I walked down to the basement and started to set everything up. Iris arrived a few minutes later and we all started to discuss band names. We did this at the beginning of every practice. For about an hour we would sit and discuss possible band names, but we never could come up with good ones.

After we gave up with names for an hour we decided to actually start playing. Sarah and her sons were downstairs watching us. I was allowed to pick the first song. I picked ‘Your Life and Mine’ by Just Surrender. Iris and Turner didn’t know the words so they went to print it out.

“Why don’t you just sing it,” Jayden asked.

“NO!!!” the entire band gave him a horrified look and he jump a little looking confused.

“Let’s just say she isn’t the best singer in the world,” Drake said. He pretended to gag and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Come on, one song she can’t be that bad,” Iris said. Drake muttered something about her digging her own grave but started to play anyway. I closed my eyes and started to sing.


I can see from across the room,
There's a tear in your starry eye
I was leaving but…


Just as I predicted, before I even finished the first stanza Jayden was telling us to stop playing.

“OK that was horrible.” Drake nodded in a ‘I told you so’ way and started to play again. This time Turner and Iris were singing. We went through all of our songs with barely any error. We were extremely excited. We all walked back upstairs right after Celestial came home. She started to gush about how her team was going to win the game if they kept it up. It was around nine P.M. when Sarah, Alec, and Jaden all left. Everyone turned in early because they only had three hours of sleep before. Wimps.


It has been a week since I had first met our new neighbors. They had come over everyday to watch us perform in my garage, and all this week Celi and I have been showing them around the school. I had assumed that they were they jock/preppy type at first, but after watching them practically beg us to save them from Chloe, the head Barbie, I decided I might like them after all. Well I would at least like Jayden. Alec was still trying to avoid me. I had gone this whole entire week without being mean to Mr. Cole. It was the most boring week ever. Since school was now over, I was going to go to Turner’s house for band this weekend. His mom didn’t leave until tomorrow though so we decided to stay at my house for tonight. We would wake up early and drive to his tomorrow.

Turner had been sad since Tuesday. Apparently, Iris’ dad just got a promotion which involved a lot of money. As soon as she found out she ditched us and joined the Barbie group. I decided that I would get my revenge on her as soon as I could. She had no right to just ditch my friend because she had a little extra money.

After we got to my house we decided to let Turner pick the movie. He shifted through a couple of my favorite until he settled on one. He had picked ‘Saw’. He smirked at me evilly and put it in.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared Des,” Turner said looking at my fidgety form.

“Me scared? Never, I think I will just go take a walk though. It’s such a pretty day.” I heard turner laugh as I walked out. They were the only people who knew that I was scared of horror movies. It wasn’t even all horror movies, just the ones involving humans. I could watch ghosts and daemons easily without even flinching. Watching people kill each other though just bothered me to no extent.

I decided I would walk to the park. I start to walk and after about five minutes I noticed a car was following me. I started to go a little faster. The car started to speed up as well. I started to think of the movie that the band was watching right now. I was almost hyperventilating by the time I started to run in a direction the car couldn’t follow me. I heard a car door open and I started to run faster. I could hear footsteps in the grass behind me. Just as I was about to into a forest someone grabbed me. I spun around and started to fight and scream. I opened my eyes and noticed Jayden. I stopped and slapped him.

“What the hell is your problem,” I put a hand to my heart, “I almost had a heart attack. I thought you were a murderer or something.”

He shrugged, “I could have been, but I’m not… Or am I?” I hit him when he started to laugh.

“Is there something you need or do you just like scaring innocent girls?” I heard him snort.

“Actually I needed to go to the town over to get something’s. I was wondering if you would like to come too. I glared at him debating. I finally nodded and hopped into his car. After I got in the car I had chills go down my spine. Something was going to happen.

The End

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