Chapter 3

“Hi I am Celestial, this is my sister Destiny. Nice to meet you, we are your neighbors.” The boys were still looking at us strangely. I guess we didn’t make that good of a first impression. I wonder what would be a good first impression. At least they know how we really act, better than us acting all snobby now and later freaking them out with our craziness. They have to give us credit for… I snapped out of it to see Celestial waving her hand in front of my face. The boys, mostly the black haired boy, were giving me strange looks. I wonder what I was doing to make them look at me like that. I asked them what school they went to. The boy with the brown hair said they went to Lakeveiw, the same school as us. I can’t remember their names, oops.

“Cool we go to the same school, if you want-,” Celestial started.

“We could show-“

“-You around.”

“Thanks are you two twins,” Sarah asked looking at us. We stared at each other.

“Who us? There is-“

“No way we could-“

“Be twins.” Celestial finished our thought that time. They family were all staring at us strangely. They must like that look. Don’t they know that their faces could get stuck that way? That would be strange walking around always looking like that. I heard a car pull into our driveway. I looked over and mom was getting out of her car. Without even saying bye, I ran off to mom and asked her if I could go to Turner’s for the weekend. She said yes so I quickly walked upstairs to get packed. I had even found my guitar and case. I quickly shoved everything into a bag and ran outside. I kissed mom and thanked her one more time, then I was in my car pulling out of the driveway to Turner’s house.

Celestial’s P.O.V.

When destiny noticed mom’s car pulling into the driveway she ran off without another word. I turned around and noticed the boys were staring after her with their mouths opened. Alec muttered something along the lines of ‘how rude’. I laughed and explained to them how Destiny was in a band and she had practice today. Sarah seemed interested and started asking questions. Most of them I didn’t know the answer to, so I told her that she would have to ask Destiny on Sunday. She also seemed surprised that our mom let Destiny stay the night at a boy’s house all weekend.

“Well Turner and Drake are pretty much family. So mom doesn’t care that much.” Sarah nodded.

“What about you, are you in the band?”

“No I do all the sports.”

“So your sister isn’t good at sports,” Jayden asked sneering.

“She is actually pretty good, she just doesn’t like being on teams involving other humans. She actually practices whatever sport I am doing with me.” I had the satisfaction of watching Jayden’s mouth drop and eyes go wide. He quickly shut his mouth and muttered a ‘whatever’. Yeah that’s right. No one messes with my sister. I heard the screeching of tires and turned to see Destiny peeling out of the driveway in the general direction of Turner’s house. I laughed and silently hoped she didn’t hit another tree. After she had gone out of site I turned back to the family. I talked to them a little longer and then went to get ready for my basketball game.

Destiny’s P.O.V.

“Turner open up! Come one I am not that late.” I was banging on the door. I put all of my weight on it to see if it would open, to my surprise it did and I fell face-first onto the carpet. Yucky carpet taste, I spat out the taste in my mouth and pulled myself up. My face was stinging from falling down. I rubbed my chin and glared at Turner. He had dirty blond hair and green eyes with a little blue in them. He was laughing, in fact her was laughing so hard he was clutching is stomach. I stood up and shoved him on the ground. I was on top of him, pinning him down so he couldn’t escape. He started laughing even more.

“You are not a very nice girlie.”

“DON’T, CALL, ME, GIRLIE!” I elbowed him in the stomach. After he caught his breath he started chanting girlie over and over again. I was about to elbow him again when I felt myself being lifted up by my waist.

“Drake put me down right this instant.” Drake had brown hair with some red tint in it. His eyes were a dark blue.
“I don’t think so. I can’t have you beat up our singer. His girlfriend would be pissed.”

I snorted, “Please, the only way he could get a girlfriend is if he finally put on his big girl panties and asked Iris out.” I heard laughing and Iris walked out of the kitchen. Iris had a pixie cut with dyed red hair. Her eyes were a chocolate brown. They made me think of cow eyes every time I looked at her. I felt my jaw drop. I can’t believe he actually asked her out. I started cheering Turner for growing some and finally asking her out. He turned a deep red and flipped me off. I ripped myself out of Drake’s grip and launched myself at him again. We grappled on the ground for a few minutes until he was pinned in an arm lock, I also had his wrist too. He cried mercy and I let him go, gloating about my win. I heard a sound of disapproval from behind me. I turned around to see Turner’s mom staring at us. She had caramel colored skin and dark brown hair. Her eyes were so dark they seemed black.

‘I though you weren’t supposed to be here. Not that I am upset to see you it will just ruin our practice time.” I walked up to her and gave her a hug. She was a second mom to me. That is how close our families were. Turner’s birthday was a day ahead of mine so my mom and Turner’s mom got to now each other in the hospital. Turner never hesitated to make fun of me because I was younger than him.

“I was supposed to be gone but they had to cancel the trip to China. The airport crashed or something.” She was a runway model and she was supposed to go to China to try some new ‘inspirational’ clothes. I told them I would be happy to ask mom if we could go there. I called her up and asked. She, of course, said yes. Before I even hung up everyone was packed and waiting by the door. We all packed into my dodge since I was the only one who had a car and could drive.

When we got back to my house, we unpacked everything into my garage and walked upstairs. Mom didn’t mind us using the garage since she didn’t use it at all, she believed that a car needed to get used to rough weather so it would be prepared if you ever became caught in a storm. As you can tell craziness runs in the family. When I walked upstairs Drake was already at the fridge looking for something to eat. When he realized there was nothing quick to eat he slammed the door and searched through the cupboards. When he noticed me he turned and asked if there was anything eatable in my house.

"You can eat everything here, even me, but that my friends is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies," I said trying to keep a straight face. Turner quickly caught on though and accused me of fraud. He also said that wasn’t the right words. We decided to watch it to see what they were. I grabbed pizza, popcorn, and a couple bags of candy and plopped on the couch. Everyone else came in with the other snack foods. Turner put in the movie and we all spread out over the couch to watch.

The End

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