Chapter 2

When we got home, I walked upstairs and put my bag on my bed. My room had purple and black stripes on the wall. I had a couple of posters spread out on the walls. My bed was two king sized mattresses from a bean bag. I had two desks in my room, one white and one brown. The white one was for my art supplies. The brown one was for school supplies. I had three huge bookshelves on the wall with my white desk. They were all completely filled with books and I still had extra all over my room. My closet was a walk-in. I put most of my collectables in there on shelves. I had snow globes, music boxes, and statues on the shelves.

I had homework to do, but I decided I would do it later. Meaning I would do it one the way to school the day it was due. I went downstairs to watch TV. Celestial was already watching “Robin Hood”. I snatched the remote and changed the channel. I liked the show, but she was in the middle of the episodes. I haven’t gotten that far yet and I didn’t want a preview. I started searching through the channels for something good to watch. I settled on the comedy channel. Celestial huffed and tried to take the remote back. I kept it as far away from her as possible. When she got to close I got off the couch and ran into the kitchen. Most of our house was white. Mom wanted to paint but she wasn’t sure what colors. So instead she bought Celestial and I some canvases and told us to paint them with bright colors. I ran around behind the island in the middle of the kitchen and used it as a shield from Celestial. She tried to get to me, but I made sure I kept the island between us the whole time. She chased me around the house a couple of times before she gave up and sat back down on the couch. I laughed and sat beside her.We flipped through channels until we found a show we both liked. We settled on some show about dinosaurs. I like dinosaurs they are huge and mean. Even the nice ones could kill you so easy. All they had to do was take a step and, crunch, you are dead. Kind of like we do to bugs. After two or three shows mom came home from work. She motioned me to the kitchen so she could talk to me. I got up and walked to the kitchen behind her. She turned to me, a frustrated expression on her face.

“I thought I told you to apologize to Mr. Cole. You know that is not what I meant. Now he wants to quit.”

“And that would be a bad thing why?”

“Because then we would not have a history teacher.”

“Get a new one.”

“I can’t, no one wants to work at a school that is full of unruly twins. You will skip school tomorrow and then next Monday I want you to apologize to Cole.”

“What? No way!” Mom sent me a look. I said I would then walk upstairs. I turned up my music and went on my balcony to draw. The only thing in front of my balcony is the house next door and a forest behind it. I decided today I would sketch the house. I sat down, feet slipping through the rail of the balcony, and started to draw.

Celestial’s P.O.V.

After Destiny went upstairs mom asked me if I could try to keep Destiny under control for a while. I nodded and then walked up to my own room. The bottom floor of our house has the kitchen, the living room, and a bathroom. In the living room, stairs go up to the next level. The top level has stairs in the middle with a square around them so you could see downstairs. My room was directly in front of the stairs. Mom’s room was beside it. Destiny got the room that was on the opposite side of the stairs. As I walked into my room I heard Destiny’s music play. She must be sketching if the music is so loud. I opened the door and walked into my room. I had pink and black stripped walls. My bed set matched the walls and I had had a desk on the wall opposite of my desk. I had posters hanging up almost everywhere. I also had a small shelf of books near my bad and a huge pile of stuffed animals on the other side of my bed. Right now my clothes and stuffed animals were all over my floor. I walked over to my TV that was right in front of my bed and turned on “Prince of Persia”. I started to clean while watching the TV. I made sure all my clothes were folded, put in the right dresser, and organized by color. Then I took my animals and piled them in a sloppy triangle shape. When I was done I flopped down on my bed and finished watching the movie.

I wasn’t tired yet so I put on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Around the middle of the show I started to feel drowsy. I had a basketball game tomorrow so I wanted to make sure that I had enough sleep. I turned off the TV and fell asleep, Destiny’s music still playing in the background.

Destiny’s P.O.V.

I heard the door slam. Mom was probably leaving for work. I got up and went downstairs to make breakfast. I made a bagel and sat on the couch to eat. I noticed movement from out the window and looked. A moving van was parked at the house next to us. We only had one house next to us since we lived so far off. That house had been unoccupied for ten years. I wonder if they have kids. I sat at the window and watched to see if another car would come. I sat for an hour until I remembered it was Friday. I had band practice today. I ran upstairs so I could clean my room. I shoved all my clothes into my closet and all my art supplies into my desk. I stacked book horizontally on top of other books and picked up all my trash. I figured I could clean it up better late. I was to busy right now. I needed to find my bass guitar and its case. My case had all the music notes for the songs we were practicing right now. We only had two songs, “Blue” by Eiffel 65 and “Your Life and Mine” by Just Surrender. It was pretty funny listening to Turner try to sing “Blue”. We only had three people in the band but we were currently trying to find another singer. I played Bass, Drake played drums and sometimes a backup singer, and of course Turner. He was the guitar/singer. We didn’t have a band name but we were trying to think of a good one.

I finished cleaning my room and went back downstairs. I noticed the moving van was gone in its place was a shiny blue van. I sat at the window waiting for the people to come out of the car. My brother finally woke up and noticed me.

“Stop stalking them.”

“I’m not stalking them. I’m a ninja sent to recover information about the evil people. Their code name is ‘new neighbors’.” Codi just rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Celestial walked downstairs already dressed and slipping her shoes on. I raised an eyebrow. She pointed at the neighbor’s house. I scoffed and she added that I had to come as well. I groaned and put on my shoes. My sister shook her head at me. I was wearing oversized, fuzzy pajama pants with Eeyore on them. I also had one of Codi’s old, oversized shirts. It was black with skulls on it. I ignored her and slipped on some flip-flops. We walked outside and over next door. We knocked on the door and a woman around the age of forty opened the door. She had short red hair and brown eyes. We introduced ourselves. She said her name was Sarah and she had two sons named Jayden and Alec. She called them downstairs. While we were waiting for them to come down she turned back to us.

“Why are you to not in school?”

“We got suspended for today,” I replied

“What for?”

“For throwing paint at our teacher. He is a vampire king.”

“Yes, and we were trying to make sure he didn’t drink all our blood,” Celestial added. Sarah looked worried for a moment.

“Uhm… Vampires are you sure there is such thing?”

“Yep, you will see when you meet him.” Just as I finished two boys walked downstairs. I knew they had heard from their expression. They had wide eyes, open mouths, and they were staying slightly behind their mother. One of the boys had black hair with blue eyes. The other one had sandy brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Hello, I am Jayden,” Said the black haired boy.

“Alec.” They both politely introduced themselves, but they wouldn’t come any closer.

“Hi I am Celestial, this is my sister Destiny. Nice to meet you, we are your neighbors.”

The End

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