Twin Trouble

Destiny and Celestial are twins. They are hyper, crazy, trouble makers. They constantly get in trouble at their school. One day they get new neighbors and become friends. And maybe more?

"Des do you think they are going to eat us?"

"Well of course they are Celi why else would they make us come here? We can't be here for any other reason," I said to my sister Celestial. Yes, we are crazy and proud of it. Oh, by the way my name is Destiny. My sister and I are twins. We are sixteen, but still act like five year olds most of the time. Not even close to identical though. I have black hair that goes to the middle of my back and green eyes. I bleached out some parts of my hair and put in some bright colors. Right now it's blue, purple, and pink. Celestial has almost white hair that goes to her shoulder blades, and silver and blue flecked eyes. She put hair bows in hers, but no colors. Anyway, back to boring old reality, full of white walls and blank faces.

"Do you think they are going to make our eyeballs into jam and stew our tongue and serve it to the other kids?"
"Or they are all vampires and they are going to drain all our blood and use our skulls for a bowl.”
"Oh that is worse" my sister squeaked.
"Is there something you two girls want to say" our teacher asked us. His name is Mr. Cole. He is our homeroom teacher and has no imagination whatsoever. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes. Like I said before, he is boring.
We looked at each other, fell to our knees and said, "Please don't drain our blood oh mighty vampire lord we beg of you" I could hear the rest of the class trying not to laugh. We were giggling ourselves. Mr. Cole turned a dark red and told us to go up to the office. We skipped out hand in hand. Instead of going to the office we walked outside and to the store across the street.

We skipped into the store humming. Celestial and I walked though the store until we found a perfect gift for Mr. Cole, blood red water balloons and some neon green and yellow paint. Codi, our brother, was at the register working today. His hair is black like mine, but his eyes are more hazel than green. He didn’t even look up as we paid for our supplies. We ran out the door.

When we were back in the school we hurried to the bathroom and filled up the balloons. Since it was almost lunch we hid behind the wall to wait until Mr. Cole came out. He always walked the same way, another example of his boringness. After about five minutes he walked out. He was talking to another teacher, don’t remember his name. I was never in one of his classes, so he’s not important. He was a roundish shape, slightly greasy, with pale mousey brown hair. I couldn’t see his eye color from over here, doesn’t matter anyway. When he got close enough I motioned Celestial to get ready. We lifted the paint filled balloons and aimed. They stopped right in front of us to continue talking, perfect. I smiled and threw the first balloon.

Mr. Cole had bent down to retie his shoe. The balloons hit the other teacher, most of them in his shoulders and face. He was shorter than Mr. Cole. They both turned to us with dark red faces. I wonder if they are related. I don’t know if any one else can turn such a dark shade of red. They started coming after us. We bolted in the opposite direction, jumping on top of lunch tables if they were in the way. We were just about to make it out of school grounds when Mr. Cole caught us. He dragged us, almost literally, to the principal’s office. We said hi to our mom and sat down. She has brown hair with natural red highlights, and her eyes are a teal color.

“What happened this time Cole,” she asked glaring at us.

“Well Ms. Sky, they threw paint at me.”

“I don’t see any paint Cole.”

“That is because they missed me. They hit Mr. Burns instead.” Mr. Burns huh, no wonder I couldn’t remember. That is the most boring name ever! Mr. Cole and my mom continued to talk about our punishment. I tuned most of it out and concentrated on the carpet instead. It had so many colors. There were reds, purples, blues, greens, and… I looked up realizing they were done talking. Mr. Cole shot us one final look and walked out. Mom told us that we would have to apologize to Mr. Cole before we left. I nodded and walked out. I’m going to apologize and then leave. Not that hard. Going to apologize then leave, I can do this. I knocked on the door and waited. Mom had let Celestial go, she said that it was my plan so I was the one who had to apologize. Mr. Cole opened the door and looked at me.


"I’m sorry."

"For what," He asked looking amused.
I looked up at him and glared, "For you being so ugly” I tuned and stormed off, stomping my feet like a five year old. I walked to my truck. It was a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, midnight black and shiny. I hopped in the driver seat and pulled out of the school parking lot. I turned up the radio and all Your Hate by Black Veil Brides came on. Celestial rolled her eyes and put on her headphones. We occasionally can agree on the same songs, but she sides more with the Disney stuff. I go for the scream at you kind of stuff. It takes about forty-five minutes to get to our house because we live so far away. There is only one other house near us, and an abandoned park. When we finally made it home I pulled into our driveway and bolted upstairs.

The End

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