Twin Terror

I don't want to reveal too much here lol but I will say this... There are twins... there is an accident... and stuff happens

Two twins, 5 years old played together in the living room.

"Come on Tyler! I'll be the bad guy you be the good guy!"

"Ok Owen!"

The two run away to dress up in their outfits. One outlaw emerges from his room, while his Sheriff counterpart emerges from his.

"You get a five second head start!" says the gallant sheriff and off races the outlaw soon to be pursued by the sheriff both shooting toy guns at each other with homemade sound effects. In the end the bad guy wins, capturing the Sheriff and bringing him to his hideout where they enjoy a snack.

Two twins, 6 years old played together on the playground.

"You be the good guy Tyler! You won't catch me!"

"Yes I will!"

The two chase each other over the rugged terrain of the playground trading challenges and boasts as they run.

Woodchips fly, dirt and dust are scattered as the high speed police chase unfolds. The "cars" making loud revving noises, the "engines" roaring, and the "tires" screeching. The bad guy wins again, evading capture until the recess bell rings and the two have to go back to class.

Two twins, 7 years old played together in the driveway.

"Tyler hurry up! I'm the bad guy! Come and get me!

"You better run fast Owen!"

The two take off to their rooms to get into space suits, and alien costumes and off they go.

Pebbles are scattered as the alien runs from the astronaut. Gurgles and extra-terrestrial noises are heard from the Alienand "Rogers" and "Houstons" are heard in between bursts of radio static from the astronaut. The bad guy wins again and does a other-worldly dance of joy. The two settle their differences and go inside to enjoy a drink.

Two twins, 8 years old played together near a group of telephone poles and power-lines. An out of control truck zooms by taking poles and lines down as it explodes. EMT and Police rush to the scene, pulling the good guy from the wreckage. His eyes flutter open and cries "Wait! We need to find the bad guy! We need to find my brother!!!"

The search lasted weeks, teams dug, and walked around, and kept eyes peeled for the bad guy. The good guy began to recover and develop special functions from the accident while the bad guy had yet to be found. They finally gave up. The bad guy was gone.

At least that's what they thought.

The End

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