Twin Hearts

Twin sisters Amanda and Madelaine led separate lives ever since birth. Now, after the tragic death of their father, the two sisters reunite and try to amend a lifetime of separation. After a fight, Madelaine hides in the library, just to find herself face with a world of possibilities and danger. It is up to Amanda to bring her sister back. However, Madelaine is not sure she wants to come back.


The clock seemed to count down the minutes for the dreadful moment, or that was Amanda Martin thought of it in that particular moment. She leaned against the wall of her mother's studio, her arms crossed and her lips pressed tightly together. Her brown eyes were cast down upon the ground and her hair cascaded past her shoulder in ripples of amber color. She drummed her fingers against her arm and just waited, it was all she could do.

"Mandy, please promise me you're going to be considerate with your sister," her mother, Elisa Perkins begged tiredly. She was sitting behind her grand mahogany writing desk, the dim desk lamp partly illuminated her wearied face. Her face was framed with golden curls and her deep chocolate color eyes had red veins in the white areas. Her forehead now rested upon her hand propped up by the elbow, and sighed. "Your sister has gone through a lot, she just lost her father..."

"He was my father as well!" Amanda exploded indignantly, anger seeped to her mind at the thought of her sister and her dead father. She was no longer leaning against the wall, she was now standing upright with her fingers balled into a tight fist. "He was your husband, don't you feel anything at all for his passing away?"

"Of course I do," Elisa said in the same composed manner, "and I am very sad he is gone, he was such an unusual light to the world. I know he was your father as well, and I regret you only spent such little time with him, we're to blame for that though. But, your sister lived with him and the blow has to be much more stronger in her..."

"Mom, you're doing no better job at bearing the loss than I am," Amanda said, the back side of her throat hurt like hell as she tried to suppress all the sobs erupting from her chest. "Why does she has to come here anyway? She was perfectly fine living in England, she still has her grandparents..."

"Because her place is with her mother," Elisa said resolutely, trying as hard as she could to believe her own words. Elisa Perkins had married Richard Martin eighteen years ago, and after two years they produced two beautiful twin daughters. They lived a fairytale life for almost a year when work began interfering with their relationship, they no longer felt the spark of love. Thus, they decided to separate and each of them took a daughter to take care of. Richard took Madelaine back to England and raised her there with his parents, whilst Elisa raised Amanda in the United States. Amanda couldn't help but let the waves of bitterness and anger washed over her, she thought the whole deal of the separation was unfair. Madelaine, a sister whom she barely saw, except for brief summer visits, would now be a part of her life and share the same roof after so many years of separation. It was unfair that she got to spend part of her life with a father and a mother, she bitterly thought. She knew her thoughts and feelings were wrong, but they weren't out of place.

Amanda bit her lip and went back to her leaning position, she closed her eyes and allowed a tear to trickle down her cheek, a tear for her father who lay down deep in the ground somewhere in England.

The sound of a car pulling in the driveway startled them. Elisa glanced at the clock and saw it was already past nine o'clock, it was time to receive her daughter. She had gone through a lot of court procedures in order to gain custody of Madelaine after her ex-husband passed away. But finally she had managed to win her back from her grandparents. She stood with shaky legs and brushed the wrinkles off her expensive, high couture dress. "It is time, Amanda," she said and strode uneasily out of the room and down the stairs leading to the living room.

The End

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