Twin blades

{A short story written for an english assesment.}
What happens when the great wizard of the mountians loses his favorite toy? Chaos for our protagonists, thats what.

Part 1- beginning

“Igneore!” yelled Little Tom, wriggling out of Melody’s grip and dashing off towards the dusty, dry road that headed into the village. Zak glanced at Melody, his uncut black hair flopping into his face. They ran on, following the perky little brown-haired boy. There, to his and Melody’s amazement, sat their old wizard friend, Igneore. He was wrapped in his thick grey robes and floppy pointed hat despite the hot daytime sun in Emlin village. The cart he was in seemed to be pulled by invisible steeds, Melody put her hand out… there was nothing there. She had known Igneore too long, and knew better than to question the strange happenings that followed him around.

However, Igneore was a very business-like man; he wouldn’t visit for the sake of visiting. He then confirmed her suspicions- “I come here on urgent business.” He said, in his loud gruff voice. They followed the cart along, after Tom jumped in and sat on Igneores lap. The wizard, if it bothered him, didn’t say anything and they went a few seconds and nobody spoke.

“I know you’re probably hoping for some peace and rest after your last little gallivant around the world, but…” he paused, probably to be dramatic. Zak groaned, and Melody glared at him. ‘Be polite!’ she mouthed, before nodding for Igneore to continue. “I have lost my magic dagger again.” He finished. Zak face palmed.

“And you want your servants to go find it for you?” Zak said sarcastically. Melody glared at him again.

“Precisely!” the wizard laughed, in his mysterious way.

“ouch!” Zak shouted, stopping. Igneore slowed the cart down and everyone turned to look.

“what now?” Melody snapped.

“I trod on  cactus.” Zak said, blushing from embarrassment. Melody sighed and habitually adjusted her tight bun that was covered in a red hairband.

“Let us go then.” She said quietly. “Is Tom coming?”

“Probably best we leave him at home.” Zak shrugged. A little kid would slow them down, and Zak wanted to find this dagger and then get back to the village as soon as possible. Little tom pouted, folding his arms and looking sulky.

“But I want to come!” he wailed, forcing out as many crocodile tears as he could.

“Sorry, you’ll have plenty of adventures when you grow up!” Melody smiled softly, picking him up and swinging him round. “Turn that frown upside down!” she added. It was a cheesy line her Mother, Mrs Otto had always said to her and Zak when they were sad or sulking, before the house fire. Now they lived with Mrs Finch on her farm a few doors down, although they both still missed their parents terribly.

“I will teleport you to the wilderness south of the wood elves kingdom, I think I left it by the stream.” Igneore said, flicking his wrist upwards. Melody was about to yell no, they needed to pack, prepare and map out their route first, but it was too late.

Tom looked confused, he had landed on his bum and Melody and Zak had just disappeared. Igneore continued to ride on, Ton stood up and followed, asking a string of never ending questions.

“I suppose YOU know where to start looking?!” Melody yelled at Zak, they had materialised right in the river, and were now sitting on the bank. Melody had taken off her brown neckerchief and was trying desperately to squeeze all the murky brown water out of it.

“Igneore said by the stream.” Zak said, looking around. Yep, they’d been here on their previous adventure. Melody glared at him, although he was most probably right. “You look around the forest, I will search the river.” He said, taking a deep breath and plopping back into the water.

The water was murky and filthy, and Zak found his vision obscured by many clumps of weed that came his way. He dived down the very bottom, until his hands could feel the rough stones and sand. There was something shiny, he reached and grabbed it, bobbing to the surface quickly, gasping.

Wait a minute, this was Erin’s crown. Erin was the princess of the Merpeople’s kingdom in the east. Zak secretly had a crush on her. She had beautiful brown hair, and her stormy black eyes reflected her snappy attitude perfectly.

“I was looking for that!” snapped a high pitched but bubbly voice from behind him. He jumped, turning around quickly.

“oh, Erin!”

“Zak!” she said, looking surprised and backing way. “What are the likes of YOU doing HERE?” she asked, folding her arms.

“Igneore wanted us to find something.” Zak explained, holding her crown out to her. She snatched the small silver object out of his hands.

“That guy again? He really needs to stop losing everything.” She groaned, adjusting the decorative band of silver.

Part 2- the adventure

He doesn’t lose stuff THAT often.” Zak argued, unsure as to why he felt defensive of a grumpy old wizard. Little did he nor Erin notice the stream was slowly becoming wider, deeper and faster.

Melody screamed as yet another branch slapped her in the face. At first the trees had seemed friendly, their roots slithering back seconds before she would have tripped. Gradually their boughs grew longer, their roots grew thicker and their trunks grew darker and older. They loomed over her, giving the woods a dark and foreboding atmosphere. She stumbled again, biting back tears as she grazed her knee.

The path disappeared behind her, as if the trees had chosen a path for her and had blocked her in on every other side. She had no choice but to keep walking. Keep going forward into the dark unknown.

“What might you be doing here? Its dangerous out here.” Said a harsh, but still kind voice. Melody backed up quickly, losing her balance and getting her hands and sagging green dress acquainted with the mud.

“W-who are you?” She stammered, mustering the bit of courage she could. A figure appeared from the trees; a tall girl with a mop of black frizzy hair, who wore a creamy lemon coloured top and trousers, although you could barely see its colour anymore through the dirt. Her skin was a chocolaty brown colour and she had a confident look about her, but Melody could tell the girl was scared.

“I’m Farenne.” She said quietly, looking thoughtful for a few seconds. “Hey, you don’t know the way out of here do you?” She asked hopefully.

“Why?” Melody asked, calming down a little bit. She stood up and dusted her dress off slightly. She took note of the polished and finely forged dagger that the girl carried. It seemed to glow slightly in the darkness, lighting up the forest and making the trees yawn and go back to sleep.

“Well, I was on a quest from the north, and sort of got a bit lost.” She said, with a slight embarrassed laugh. “Okay, very lost. I’ve been here about a week.”

“Oh- I will be leaving soon.” Melody said, ‘Hopefully’ she added under her breath. “You’ll get home, don’t worry.” She said softly, looking the girl, Farenne, in the eyes. She smiled.

“What’s that sound…?” Zak asked, vaguely aware of a faint roaring sound. Him and Erin had been catching up on all the gossip from both kingdoms since they’d last seen each other. It was mostly just ‘She did that’ and ‘he did this’.

“Oh, its just the waterfall.” Erin shrugged, turning and pushing herself a few meters upstream and settling herself gracefully on top of a rock. She sat for a few seconds, examining her beautifully manicured nails, her tail flopping limply over the rock that was damp from the spray off the rushing water. Her hands and tail camouflaged well against the moss and seaweed of the rock. “Zak?” She asked, looking up. She gasped, jumping back into the water. She had forgotten Zak couldn’t swim as strong as she could. Nor could he breathe underwater. His feet could no longer find the rocky bottom of the river and he began to panic, trying desperately to keep his head abover the water and himself away from the waterfall.

Part 3- the end

Farenne’s ‘den’ was in a more sheltered part of the forest, and the bed was a hammock made from string tied between two trees. The benches were logs that had been cut into to make a flat seat. Considering what she had to work with, Melody had to admire her handiwork.

“So why are you here?” Farenne asked, sitting down by a used fire pit and piling up some logs. She made no attempt to light it, probably saving it for the night. Melody had been meaning to ask her about her dagger, but had yet to find the courage to ask her how she got it. She took a deep breath.

“Me and my brother are trying to find something for someone. It’s a dagger, a magic one.” She said quietly. Farenne looked at the elven-crafted dagger that hung by her waist, contemplating what she had said.

“I did find this by the river…” she said, wiping a few wood chippings off of it and handing it to her. “trade? I need a knife of some sort.” She nodded towards the small, plain knife that Melody carried.

Melody thought about the offer for a second. “How about I take you with us when we leave? My mother gave me this…” she said, running her finger thoughtfully up the flat of the blade.

“Alright, but you have to promise.” She said, putting her hand out to shake.

Elroth and his fellow elves trekked through the forest silently, following the trail of prints that led further and further to the south, turning to the west. This had to be who they were tracking, the evil wizard Tolkarath. They heard voices in the bushes; he nodded to his group, giving the signal he was going alone. They stood with their spears and bows ready.

He jumped out from behind, grabbing the figure by the shoulders.

It was most definitely NOT an evil wizard. The eyes of a terrified young girl stared up at him, her friend only yards away. Both of them had daggers pointed in his direction. They all stood in silence for a few seconds, till Elroth spoke.

“Well this is awkward.” He said, releasing the girl who scurried back to her friend.

“I’m Elroth, of the kingdom of the wood elves.” He said with a bow, lowering his sword. His hair was long and dark, and two strands fell in braids, framing his face. He wore an elven tunic and tight trousers that were lightweight and well camouflaged in the forest.

“Okay…” Farenne eventually said, replying with a curtsey and saying “I am Farenne Srelador, from the north of the middle lands.” Melody decided to follow the example, stating she was Melody Otto from Emlin village.

“Would you like us to take you girls back to the kingdom? The wilderness is no place for children.” He said, feeling some sympathy for the two girls.

Melody looked at Farenne, who nodded. “Come on, you’ve found your dagger. From the wood elves kingdom we can find our way to… civilisation.” She said.

“We need to find Zak!” Melody said quickly; no way was she going to ditch her brother.

Farenne put her hand gently on her shoulder. “We ca-” She never finished.

Just then both girls disappeared out of thin air. Elroth rubbed his eyes a few times, turned and slowly walked away with a blank expression on his face.

All of them landed hard on the rocky floor. Zak was dripping wet.

“Where did those two come from? They look like fish out of water!” Igneore exclaimed, glancing at Erin. “One of them, literally.” He added.

“Get me out of here! Send me back where I was! NOW!” Erin screamed, her tail flopping helplessly around. “I demand you-“ Zak shoved his hand over her mouth.

“I will later.” He said, flicking his hand. A pool of water appeared out of nowhere. She was too stunned to speak when she bobbed her head above the water again.

“Melody, what’s going on?” Farenne whispered to Melody, she was terrified.

“Did you find my dagger?” Igneore said expectantly. Melody looked at Farenne, who put her hand to her waist. She had left the dagger back at her campsite in the wilderness. She opened and shut her mouth a few times like a fish.

“We um… fell off a waterfall?” Zak shrugged, blushing from the embarrassment. They had been teleported away just before they hit the bottom- talk about lucky.

Igneore shoved his hands inside his pockets in annoyance, and sat down on his chair looking sulky.

“You failed me!” he boomed angrily. They all stood silently, unsure of what to say.

A confused and thoughtful look crossed his face for a few seconds, then he smiled. “No wait, here it is.” He said, the angry tone disappearing without a trace. Out of his pocket he dug his dagger, it DID bare a remarkable resemblance to Farenne’s dagger. Melody glared at Igneore, Zak reached for his sword and Erin yelled a few more insults at him and attempted to splash him. Farenne looked confused for a few seconds before storming out of the cave.


The End

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