I opened my eyes. The Seeker’s were fixated on my face, scrutinising. I looked to the Healer, who was watching with a gentler expression. He knew that it must be difficult for me.

“She was stealing medicines,” I muttered, but my voice caught and I had to repeat myself louder. The Healer nodded.

“Yes, yes, the Healer she assaulted caught her putting them in her bag. We found both human drugs and ours. Melodious Night searched the body after she was subdued and brought in to us. What did she need them for?”

“Um...” My voice cracked, and I realised some part of me did not want to tell them any of this. I also knew it wasn’t me; it was the remainder of Isabella’s feelings and thoughts clinging to the brain. “Her father, a human, was injured when escaping from some of us. He was staying with her and those... vampires.”

“Yes, yes,” Gathers Clouds repeated. Petals clicked her tongue and I knew he was irritating her too. “Where are they staying?”

Were staying. They will probably have left once they realised this one wasn’t coming back.”

My body mentally flinched from the last five words. There was an internal struggle where my feelings – influenced by Bella’s – and my soul nature battled over what I should say. They compromised instead on how much I would say.

“They were staying in the vampires’ house. A big white house, a few miles outside of Forks.”

I would not tell them about Jacob’s father’s house. That might have been where the vampires went. With their alliance and the friendship I remembered between Charlie and Billy, they would have gone there. I had to tell them about Jacob, however.

“There’s something else,” I whispered. “Jacob.”

“One of them? A human?”

“A human... not quite. He changes into some kind of animal. Her memories tell me the word werewolf. I don’t know what it means.”

I searched Gathers Clouds’ face for any recognition of the word but there was none, just thoughtful speculation.

“We know of wolves,” he said finally, “But not this type. It must be specific to humans who manage to transform or morph or...”

His voice trailed off, and he smiled at me widely.

“Diamond, well done! Another humanoid species we can discover!”

His congratulations didn’t make me feel happy, though it should. Souls were always happy to help each other. Yet I felt guilty for bringing Jacob to their attention. This was, of course, just the lingering emotions of my host. They would fade over time. At least I hoped they would. I had been assured that they would.




The End

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