I felt shaken as the memory cut off abruptly. I had not realised how scared our invasion had made these humans. It had not been so on other planets. They had welcomed our possession and help, improving their worlds. Yet these human bodies had strong ties and emotions that the others hadn’t.

The second memory had seemed to stretch, but only a few seconds had passed.

“This human was married to one of those?” Gathers Clouds was saying.

“Yes,” I answered, forcing the Seeker to move back as I struggled to sit up. My new body was pale and thin, quite weak. The muscles were soft. This human had not done any labour in her life. “There were more of them, another family of them living close by. Where are we?”

“The Healing facility in Washington,” he replied. “Close to where we found your host. She was alone, running from the hospital. What could she have been doing here?”

I closed my eyes again, holding onto the edges of the table with my hands. The memory of the end was usually the first to occur, I had been informed. Maybe that wasn’t always right.

“No, Bella!”

The beautiful voice was tight with anger, his butterscotch eyes fierce. I stared into them desperately, knowing he would never let me go.

“Please,” I begged. I also knew he could not stop me, despite his strength. He closed his eyes and sighed. The rest of his family were stood silently like statues behind us in the spacious pale living room of the big white house from the other memory... their house, I realised.

“Charlie –“ Edward started.

Charlie was upstairs, sleeping for the first time in days. He was worried so much about Renee, even Phil. He would never allow me to leave, which was why I had to go now, before he woke up.

“He wants to know too. And he got hurt running away from them! Even the resources Carlisle has here won’t last for long. I need their medicines. They can heal him.”

I remembered his broken leg, the snapped bone pierced gruesomely through the skin, his sickly sweating face grimacing whenever he moved, and the depleting stocks of Carlisle’s morphine.

“Then I’ll go. I’m faster, stealthier, they’ll never –“

“No! You don’t know that! Even Carlisle doesn’t know anything about them! If they catch you, they will know you’re not like us. They might torture you, kill you, anything!”

“Do you really think they can hurt me? What would hurt me is if they took you away.”

“I don’t know if they can, but it’s a risk I’m not willing to take. We don’t know what alien technologies they have. They won’t hurt me, though, because they need my body. I’m the safest out of all of us.”

They all sighed quietly, knowing that even though I was wrong I was still right. They couldn’t fight my logic. I was going to help my father and find out what had happened to my mother.

The End

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