I must have said it out loud, because both of them moved. It was like surfacing from a dream.

“Who was Edward?” the Seeker asked eagerly.

“He was her... husband,” I replied, finally opening my eyes. They adjusted to the light and focused on the Healer, whose human face was lined but handsome, crowned by tufty mousy hair. He was frowning deeply. I looked to my right at the Seeker, who was leaning over me. Her pointed tanned face was surrounded by a cloud of strawberry blonde hair, and that triggered another memory. The Seeker’s anticipating grey eyes disappeared from my vision.

“Welcome to our family, Bella.”

I could see by her golden eyes that she was like Edward – one of them. Vampires.

What was her name?

Tanya, the memory supplied helpfully. Her hair was the same colour as the Seeker’s. In the memory, I read the human’s connection to her.

Then the memory turned into another. I didn’t realise what I was feeling at first, I was so paralysed, but then it registered itself as fear. I was terrified.

We – Edward and I – were in the airport, waiting for our flight to the mysterious honeymoon location. Something was wrong.

The humans were confused, being turned back from the terminals and check-in desk. Outside, the planes had all been grounded.

“Is it a terrorist attack?” I gasped, clutching at Edward’s rigid arm. He was scanning the minds of everyone in the room, face hard with worry.

“No,” he answered absently, and then gasped. I clutched tighter, attempting to shake him, but of course he didn’t budge.

“What, Edward? What is it?”

His eyes were fixed on the officials, anyone in a uniform. I noticed something odd. All of their faces were smiling, reassuring. Not one strained, tired, irritated.

I twisted in the plastic seat to look out of the wide glass windows, and saw rows of large trucks lining up on the tarmac of the parking lot. The humans who had already been shepherded outside were being herded into the backs of these trucks. Some went willingly, faces bewildered or frightened, others struggled or argued. These were subdued. The looks of regret and reluctance on the faces of the officials who stunned them made the fear take root in my stomach.

“Edward, we have to get out of here –"

But he was already on his feet, pulling me into his arms and blowing out of the airport, past the trucks, as fast as light. I heard a shout, several screams. Why was he exposing himself like that? My stomach clenched, ice encasing my heart. Something terrible must be happening for him to do this without conscience.

We ran all the way back to the Cullen house. It was past midnight – the party had wound down, the Denali coven had left.

The look on Edward’s face had every one of the Cullens gathering around.

At the airport... I read the minds of things that shouldn’t be there.”

“The officials? They were humans, not vampires, but they’ll suspect you now, how could you –“

“No, Bella,” he said, his voice strained with something I had never heard before. When I realised it was fear, it made me even more afraid. Nothing scared Edward.

“Aliens. They call themselves souls. They implant themselves into human bodies, erasing the... person...inside. They are invading Earth, everywhere. They’re shutting down airports to stop humans from escaping to other countries – though it shouldn’t matter, they’re everywhere. They have been here for years, slowly building – I can’t believe we never saw this! They’re rounding up the humans to take them... so the arriving souls can be – they called it ‘insertion’.”

Carlisle looked strange. Disbelief was battling fear and strategising on every face. Then Esme gasped.Bella! Your mother and Phil left early to get their flight back to Florida –“

“What?” I choked. “But I didn’t see them –"

"No, they went to SeaTac. Charlie went with them, he'll be driving back now -"

"You have to get him!" I shrieked. Emmett and Edward nodded, faces stricken.


The End

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