Twilight/The Host Cross-over

The Souls decide to invade Earth fully... on the night of Bella's wedding.

Isabella Swan.

No, no, no. That had been her name before... it was Isabella Cullen now.

The memories of the human body which I had been inserted into flooded my new mind. Eyes, flashing from red to gold to black to chocolate brown, sunlight refracting from glittering pale skin... what was this creature she remembered?

I searched through the memories until I found the word in this new human language. Vampire?

My body shifted restlessly on the insertion table, and I heard the voice of the Healer who had put me into this human body.

“She’s coming around. Can you hear me? My name is Gathers Clouds. Do you remember your name?”

I fought the urge to say the name of the human body and recalled my own soul name.

“Changes Diamond,” I muttered, flexing my new human fingers. Everything was new.

“Yes,” the Healer’s deep voice answered, relieved. “She remembers. She was a Bear on her last planet.”

I heard movement on my other side, opposite from the direction of Gathers Clouds’ voice.

“Good... I had thought there would be trouble. After what happened with that Wanderer soul... this body harbours more secrets than Melanie Stryder’s. Her consciousness might have remained.”

The new voice was a woman, light and restrained as if hiding a sharper edge.

“This is the Seeker, Changes Diamond,” the Healer’s voice explained. He was closer, and I could feel his hands on my wrist, measuring the pulse.

“Torches Petals,” her voice introduced herself. “But everyone calls me Petals.”

I cringed. She was from the Fire Planet.

“Now, Diamond,” the Healer said. “Would you like to keep that name? Some prefer to change it on their new planets... take the name of their host.”

“Bella Cullen,” I whispered. “No... I would like to stay as Diamond, if that’s all right.”

“Of course,” Gathers Clouds said pleasantly. I heard a repetitive tapping sound, and my new brain informed me that the Seeker was getting impatient.

“Diamond,” he started again, and I could hear the disapproval in his voice aimed at the Seeker. “Your host lived with a new kind of species we have yet to discover information on. Petals was hoping her memories would help you tell us what she knew about them.”

I nodded my assent, still without opening my eyes. It was easier to adjust to this body when I was in the dark, although the light beyond my eyelids was making the inside of them glow a faint orange.

There was a scuffing as the Seeker moved closer to me. The table trembled a little as she leaned on it. I heard an intake of breath from Gathers Clouds and knew he wanted to reprimand her, but he didn’t. He knew the importance of the information she sought.

“Okay, Diamond, take your time,” Petals said, but I could hear the impatience behind the words. I had begun to dislike her voice, which sounded breathy this close. “I need you to tell me everything your body can remember.”

I squeezed my eyes more tightly closed and concentrated on the memories, letting them fill everything.


“You love me.”

“Truly, I do.”

I was stood in a dark meadow filled with overgrown grass and large trees. The face I looked upon was breathtaking in the light coming from the windows of the big white house. I stared into the overwhelming golden eyes in the pale face, framed by the beautiful bronze hair...

Then the memory flipped.

The same man, smiling joyfully, and my heart was beating both slowly and fast as I walked towards him, piano music filling my ears and my father’s arm in mine.

The name burst into my head like a scream.


The End

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