Twenty Years - beyond ~

What would one be wearing - twenty years, beyond?

So many things have changed -
stores to buy - stacked - one atop another -
elevators by the dozen -
rushing -
I feel like wearing green today -
something fresh - yet sultry ....
I choose this store -
for I've always been into natural fabrics -
They're selling ~

An armload -
I try only one -
can't move past this first one -
takes a breath away -
I am growing older -
I feel quite young -
I'll take it!

The way a fabric drapes,
a color, a certain texture -
something, when with a shift in movement  -
stirs -
appears a scent -
as well as feelings -
a willow green, smells of the wind, on a fresh spring day -
slightly warm  - yet slivered -
with strings of coolness, felt across the skin -
as if truly standing under -
one willow -
exposed -
bare -
not a stitch on  - a mind spins ~
I'm standing in this small room -
with only willows - and the wind.

It leaves one with a grin -
to walk out into the busy -
franchise of the madness -
~You - wearing such an object -
are naked -
tingles from the way the breeze will whip and sting -
the branch - light, thin - full of long soft reed-like - leaf -
stir - memories of that one night
of rapture -
how many years ago?
the long strands in his hands -
the moments after -

walking forward
it's at your back
concentration - to keep a knee strong -
straight walk -
If another would have such a dress -
she would know in an instant
the journey -
that I'm on -
and only $48.95 -
the bargain of my life ~

Next month -
I'm choosing - red -

The End

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