Twenty Seconds

     Rowan was a tiny sixteen year old girl. She had a brother and a sister, who loved her dearly. Her mother was filthy rich. She was beautiful and the boys bowed before her feet. She had everything she wanted, but it didn't feel right.




     She sat in the her huge bed, a book perched atop of a cushion. Her eyes went back and forth across the page, reading the words so fast, some thought her head would explode. The door opened and a tiny head peeked in. Emily.
     "Ro?" She asked, flopping next to her sister.
     "What?" Rowan's eyes never left her magnificent story.
     "Mommy wants to talk to you."
     "About what?"
     "I don't know."
     "Okay, tell her I'll be down there after I finish this page." Emily nodded and disapeared down the stairs, to tell her mother Rowan's answer. Rowan flipped her book closed and set it on her window sill. Then she walked out the door.
     Rowan clattered down the stairs and skipped into the kitchen, where her mom sat on the couch, waiting for her.
     "What do you need? I was in the middle of a great part in my book." She sat on the loveseat.
     "I need you to go into town. To get a few things." Mrs. Carter handed her daughter the long list and Rowan looked at it with dislike. She hated going into town and getting stuff. Why couldn't her brother Jacob do it? She's much rather go into town and do nothign but read and stare at the beautiful day, but no. She has to do chores.
     "Fine." Rowan stood up and made her way to the town. It was a short ways away and she was fine walking.
     She passed many houses, even the little park that so many children visted everyday. Finally, she made it to the shops, her breathing uneven from her walk there. Rowan looked at the things on her list and the first said, Milk. She went to the shop labeled 'GROCERIES'.  She went inside adn searched for Milk, muttering to herself about how horrible shopping was.
     Rowan was so absorbed in her thoughts she didn't even realise when she bumped into someone. She tilted her head up to her bumper, and stared into his blue eyes. She found herself lost in a wonderland




     "Yes honey?"
     "What is love?" The little girl's brow raised as she asked the question.
     " is when you like someone deeply. See, I love you. Love is a passion, which you know what that means right?" Rowan nodded her head.
     "Why are you asking?"
     "I was just curious." She slumped her shoulders and looked at her pink flats. "Mommy?"
     "Did Daddy leave us because he didn't love us?" Tears slipped down her face and onto her white dress. Her mother pressed her thumb to her daughter's cheek and wiped the water away.
     "No, sweetie." She took Rowan in her arms and combed through her hair with her fingers. "Your father did love you, he loved all of us. Rowan, you're father didn't leave. He died."

The End

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