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We got into my brand new Ferrari as people swarmed around us. My name; Angelina Fernada. I am one of the most wanted fugitives in America. Everyday day I see my name flash across the thousands of billboards in New York City. Everyday my face changes. Some days I am Latino and other days I'm French. But either way, no one knows what I look like. I am here for one night only. I work for a secret agency known as the Occult of the Shadows. We are a very secret underground organization. The Occult is notorious for many mishaps in America, though I rather not name any of them.

The sun was just breaking over the Hudson River as I met with my co-workers; Leona Parston and Luke Thompson. The three of us were one of the highest ranking in the Occult, besides our leader; we knew him as Kingsley. Why, no one knew. None of us knew his first name, and the last person that said his first name in front of us was killed. Kingsley is a very brutal man. I would never dare mess with him.

Luke laid out the map of New York City on the hood of my Ferrari and pulled out a document from his back pocket.

“These are our objectives. One: Get our costumes together. So Leona and Angelina, that means a lovely shopping spree for clothes. Two: Make it into Mayor Christopher Crown's party. Three: Acquire our weapons in the basement of the Mayor's basement. There will be a various assortment, so take what you need. Not what you think you can carry. Angelina, you're good with pistols and snipes. You will find a wonderful assortment down in the basement. Leona, never have I seen a person who could be so crafty with a knife. There are plenty. And lastly; Four: Kill everyone and leave nothing in your trace! Mind you, there will be explosives down there too. But the Mayor's guards aren't to be messed with. So Angelina-”

“Snipe them in the head and go straight for the Mayor's wife, I know.” I replied.

“Very good. Once the Mayor's guards are dead everyone will be vulnerable. Throw in the smoke grenades and BAM! They run like chickens with their heads cut off! Now come on, we're losing daylight. The party starts at eight o'clock sharp!” Luke finished.

With this being the biggest party of the year, we would have to stay low. The police were arresting anyone that even looked a glimpse like me. I saw a woman ripped apart from her children. It brought a tear to my eye and I am not one to cry. The Occult had already gotten control of the other major cities. It was now up to us to take over the final city. Our over all goal was to maintain all major cities and cut off supplies that left the city into the rest of the United States. You see, a major war broke out a few months ago, and The Occult and resisters have been trying to maintain power. Our final destination; Washington D.C. Yes, the country’s Capitol. But they have the place so barricaded that we will be sending a little present to them by one of the many high-speed trains.

I stopped in front of Macy's. We got out and walked right in, making sure not to be making any huge scene. The store smelt like new shoes and... old people. I guess since the first act of rebellion, the government has been arresting anyone and everyone that either looks like me, or is part of the rebellion. But frankly they think old people can't fight. Ha! I beg to differ. I found this nice dress, slim and black. I need something simple. Not something Lady Gaga would wear. Leona found a nice scarlet red dress and stilettos. Luke found a nice but yet simple suit. Finally I found my shoes. Simple black heels.

As we went up to the register to pay, we saw another woman ripped apart from her family. Except this time, this woman tried to explain. Explaining in this new country was practically against the law. So the officer shot her. In front of her very own family. Her daughter, who looked no older than five looked confused until she realized what had happened. Is this the pain I have caused? But I knew it would all be over soon. Just take out the Mayor and it will all be over. Then we take the Capitol! But knowing them, “they” as in the Capitol had to have some kind of end game. But frankly, I didn't care.

After we paid, we walked back to my car. But an officer stopped us. Was this the end? It couldn't be. No one knew what I looked like. He asked us what we bought, luckily it wasn't anything major. So we explained to him that we were going to a friends dinner party. It was a close one. Leona threw her stuff in my trunk and I just threw my stuff in the back. As we flew down the what seemed to be deserted streets of New York (mainly because everyone was either getting ready for the party or hiding.) I looked at my clock on my radio. It was already one o'clock. So we drove back to The Occult's base that was set up in what used to be the United Nations.

“Glad to see you could make it back. Alive and in one piece.” Alicia Johnson said to me.

“Thank you. It was a little tough.” I replied.

“Why's that?” Alicia asked.

“We were stopped by an officer on our way back to my car. Oh and by the way, if I don't get to see Kingsley tonight, tell him I say thanks for the nice ride. It will really make us look like we're high class.” I said in a hearty tone.

When I first joined The Occult of Shadows, the first thing they taught you was how to channel your emotions. Especially in big missions like this. One little quirk and the whole mission could be blown. The people that guard the Mayors aren't as stupid as they look. I remember one. Anton Gorski. He was the son of a very intelligent Doctor who was sent away for protection. She works for the government. All officials, but for some reason not the president, were sent away to a secret base somewhere in the desert. I guess after we obliterate the Capitol that'll be our next and most likely final mission.

Three o'clock we finally begin to get ready. The party starts in five hours and we need to be there at least an hour and a half before to get our weapons and positions set. After we get into our formal attire, we hear the noise of boots hitting against the marble floor. It was Kingsley.

“There are my three most prized possessions. I would just like to say to you; this is it. After the Mayor is killed, we win. I know you're thinking; 'But what about the Capitol?' Well, don't worry, we're sending you out to their little base in the ruins of Area 51. You will meet Doctor Gorski. She's been working with us for quite some time now and surprisingly the government was to stupid to figure it out. She knows all their secrets. That will be your final mission. But that does not mean that The Occult will break up. Oh no! Eventually new powers will try to take over and we will be here to take them down. That is all!” Kingsley said as he walked out of the room.

Kingsley was a tall, muscular man. He claimed to be some sort of General when the war first started. But thank God he has ordered that no one shall announce this war to the rest of this world. God, World War III is all I need!

We sit in the dining quarters of our base, waiting. It is currently five-forty-five. Time now feels like it has now just, stopped! I put on the finishing touches. Lipstick, earrings, make-up, and my jewelry. At last it is six-ten! I put on my sunglasses and out we go. I have my hair down for this mission. I feel it looks classier. Now, you can't miss the Mayor's house. It stands at the very heart of the City. It's a large home, completely made out of marble.

When we arrive, the Mayor greets us. He has no idea who we are and why we are here. Good! Being in his presence makes me want to vomit. But luckily he left. The basement was extremely hard to find. In a house that big, you'd be lucky to find the grand ballroom. But when we arrive at the armory, we find everything Luke and told us about. Leona grabs tomahawks and throwing knives, I grab a sniper and a Desert Eagle, and Luke grabs smoke grenades, dynamites, and some sort of device called a sticky bomb. The time has come for him to meet his maker.

We set up our positions around the perimeter of the grand ballroom. I am positioned in a small spot inside a secret chamber slightly above the glass dome. A perfect place to shoot. As I look down, I see Leona just entering the ballroom. She is in charge of taking out any unwanted pests. I slowly search for Luke. As I look for him, I see him placing the four sticky bombs on the marble pillars holding up the ballroom. I look down at my watch; It's exactly eight o'clock.

“Welcome, welcome. I would like to thank you for coming to tonight’s festivities. Me and my husband are grateful for all of you. If it weren't fo-” The Mayor's wife says as she drops to the floor; dead!

I shot her directly in the heart. She died instantly! Though not to say that didn't create a terrible uprising! The Mayor stood up and I instantly put a target on his head, until...

“You're going to regret doing that little missy!” One of the Mayors Guards said.

I felt paralyzed! Shocked. I just could not move. He finally put his gun away and grabbed my arm and hoisted me up. It was over. Of all the missions I had done, this was the first one I failed. As he started to push me out of the room, I turned around and kicked him right where it counted. As he fell to the ground, I ripped off the rope he tied around me arms and grabbed my gun!

“Any last words you inconsiderable bastard?” I said in his ear.

I didn't even let him say a word before I busted a cap into his head. Now, something to be known; Each Mayor has three bodyguards. One for protection, another for guarding the rooms, and the last one to find the one who killed his wife. The third one was dead. We need the first one dead. Then, I feel a tap on my shoulder. It was my Mother!

“Angelina?!” My Mother said in shock.

“Mom! I'm so happy to see you're not dead! But, you need to get out here! Now!” I say.

“Why? I'm not leaving without you!” She replies.

Before I can answer, I see a man behind her. It's the second of the bodyguards. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at my mom. I push her out of the way and pull out my pistol and shot him five times in the chest and then one time in the head!

“What was that?!” My Mom says in shock.

“Mom, we're running out of time. The bomb goes off in fifteen minutes! Listen, we're here to assassinate the Mayor. That fat pig needs to be ended! After this... we head straight for the Capitol! We have a little surprise for them. It's already being loaded on the train as we speak. As soon as the Mayor is dead, we give the message and the train leaves.” I explain to her.

My Mom still doesn't understand. But I don't have time to explain the whole plan to her. I rip off my necklace and place it in the palm of her hand and tell her to leave. The bombs go off in t-minus eight minutes and fifty seconds. I follow my mom down the stair case leading out of the secret chamber I was in. The staircase leads straight to the main doors and I push my mom out.

“ANGELINA! NO!” My Mom screamed as I shut the doors.

I regroup with Leona and Luke. Luke asked me about the crazed woman and I explained to him that, that was my mother and she wanted me to come with her, but I couldn't. I look at one of the bombs. We have four minutes and twenty-nine seconds. We have no time for distractions now! If we don't find the Mayor now, it means all three if us die. Just then, Leona taps my shoulder and points up to one of the balconies. Standing there is the Mayor.

“Do it now! You have the shot! You can do it!” Leona said.

I position the shot. But unfortunately the final bodyguard steps in front of him. I shoot anyways. It goes through the bodyguard's heart and right into the Mayor's head. Our victory is extremely short lived. Luke informs us that we have exactly thirty seconds to get out of here before the whole place blows! I look straight at the doors and sprint. Pushing everyone out of my way! I try to open the door, but it's locked!

“Luke! It's locked!” I shout.

Luke didn't hear me. He was too far back. I look down at one of the dead bodyguards and notice a grenade. I pull the trigger on it and make a run for it! We have exactly ten seconds. What felt like an hour (which was only two seconds) the grenade went off and the doors blew right off! By then Leona and Luke are with me and we run to my car. I floor it! Ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet, until... BOOM! I look back and see the mansion fall. Though the screams of the innocent made us sad. We had to understand they were puppets of the new government.

“Kingsley, we did it. The Mayor and his mansion were obliterated. Send the train into the Capitol.” I say.

“Good job. You have truly proven yourself today. I'm going to give you the honors of sending the train off into the Capitol! Meet us back at base.” Kingsley says.

We arrive back at base after about thirty minutes of driving around avoiding falling buildings and other things. When we walk in, we get a monstrous applause. For we had won the first step in the rebellion. Kingsley comes up and pats us on the back, and then gives me the radio and I say; “Release the train!”

The End

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