Twenty Feet from FateMature

Angelina and her team finally take on the Capitol by destroying it, but in the process they will lose of their own.

I heard the noise of the train leaving the station. The train was carrying a MOAB. Mother Of All Bombs. Kingsley and his crew had it setup for the bomb to blow once it reached the heart of the Capitol. These things are now considered more powerful and deadly than an A-Bomb. We had a helicopter arranged for us so we could make sure the train made it into the Capitol.

“Are you ready Angelina?” Leona asked me.

“As ready as I'll ever be.” I reply.

This was it. We took down the Capitol today. There was no turning back, and failure was not an option. We got onto the helicopter and we lifted off. As we searched for the train, I looked at my watch, which was also a mini television. A broadcast was being sent out by the Capitol.

“Citizens of America. Today our final Mayor has fallen. We have sent out every last ounce of our Military, Navy, and Marines. The Occult will not succeed in their plan. The Capitol will win! We are almighty. We run everything. So, if you're watching this members of The Occult; You have been warned.” The President announced.

How did he know who we were? We were one of the most secret organizations in America. Not even God himself could know who we were. We knew that he knew something. But we had confirmed for sure that it wasn't about the bomb being sent straight to him. There! There was the train. It was zooming past Albion and would soon be entering Pennsylvania. In about three hours the train would be entering Washington D.C.

“Angelina, you know the closer the train gets, the harder guarding it will be right?” Luke asked me.

“Yeah. But I'm ready for this! I feel a bit stronger now, knowing that we killed Mayor Christopher Crown.” I reply.

“In about thirty minutes we're going down into the train to guard the bomb. We will have jet-packs to get out before it reaches the Capitol. Oh and Angelina, ther-”

“LOOKOUT!” I shout.

In front of us was one of the Capitol's helicopters! Luke pressed a small red button on the side of the control and four missiles shot out and struck the helicopter, taking it straight to the ground!

“That's what I'm talkin about!” Leona yelled looking back at the burning ruins of the helicopter.

It was time. Kingsley briefed us and then handed us our jet-packs. Kingsley lowered the helicopter, about five-six feet from the top of the train. He wished us good luck and we jumped off the helicopter. The train was empty; except for us and the bomb. Just then, we heard it. It was the noise of at least ten military helicopters coming after us. The military had direct orders to disable the bomb and bring us in alive. Neither of which were going to happen!

“Look!” Leona said as she pointed up.

I looked up and to my surprise, the military was jumping off their helicopters, attempting to land on the train. Only about seventy-five percent succeeded. I pulled out my Desert Eagle and just started shooting them. One by one, they fell down dead. Leona had cut one so bad, the bottom half of their jaw fell on the floor. This wasn't just any ordinary mission; this was a blood bath. But that was just the beginning. We still had two-hundred-and-twenty more miles to go. Soon the military was dropping down robots, self-destruct units, and more armed troops.

“By the order of the New United States, I order you to-”

Head shot! He fell to the ground. But we were severely out numbered. Click, click, click. I was out of ammo. I frantically searched for some ammo. In the meantime I hit the armed troops with my gun. Eventually I gave up and just grabbed one of the military's Uzis.

“You can all continue to try to disarm the bomb, or you can leave. Either way, We will bust a cap in yo-”
“Okay, okay, they get the point!” Luke said as he looked back at me.

I held down the trigger, releasing an ocean of bullets! The room was full of bloody, dead troops. I walked over to the bomb and opened the panel.

“Forty-five minutes until detonation! One-hundred-and-ten miles till Washington D.C.” The Panel said.

We just had to hold it off for another forty minutes. I kept telling myself that. City after city, we rushed past them like distant memories. I slowly began to drift off into my own memories. It was like being in a different universe. It was peaceful until I head my helicopters!

“How many troops do they have?!” Leona asked, her ears getting red.

“Look, we're seven minutes away from the Capitol! We have to get our jet-packs ready. They don't have the code, so the bomb will still make it into the Capitol.” Luke said and he tossed me my jet-pack.

As Leona was putting on her own jet-pack, a troop smacked her and she toppled over a bunch of metal boxes; her jet-pack was broken. Just then, I got a message from Kingsley reading: “Guys? Guys are you okay? It's time to leave the train. By the time they even figure out how to disarm the bomb it will have already blown. So, get out of there now!”

“You heard Kingsley! C'mon!” Luke said as he put his jet-pack on.

“Five minutes and forty-five seconds until detonation.” The bomb says.

Luke pressed the green button on his jet-pack and he was gone.

“C'mon Leona!” I shout.

“I can't. My jet-pack is broken!” Leona replied.

“Well, hold on to me! We can leave together!” I say.

“Okay, but I want you to promise me one thing.” Leona replies.

“Anything.” I say looking into her eyes.

“Promise me not to be mad!” Leona said as a tear ran down her face.

“Mad about wha-”
It was too late. Leona pressed my green button and I flew off. She was left in the train with the bomb! I screamed! But there was nothing I could do. I put my head down and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew I was on the helicopter and Luke pointed.

“There she goes.” He said in a dismal tone.

We watched as the train entered the Capitol. Five, four, three, two... We didn't even get to one before the train crashed in the heart of the Capitol and the bomb went off! I turned my head and looked away. In a normal circumstance I would of watched and laughed and cheered. But, with Leona on the train, it just felt wrong. I should've know. The tall building collapsed and a wall of smoke and debris covered most of the land. We watched military helicopters fall from the sky, tanks explode, and navy ships be ripped to shreds. It was over, we had won. But without Leona, it just wasn't the same. I feel a pair of hands go around my waist and when I look, I see Luke and he kissed me!

“As I was saying. Angelina, I love you.” Luke said to me.

It's over now. The war has ended. Now, America is in a reconstruction stage. Only a few states were obliterated. They were the ones near the Capitol. The Occult still exists, but now we fight for other countries independence. Now Fight!

The End

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