It's hard for her to do much today. She's tired. She can't sleep.

But she pulls through, and that's the attitude we all choose to adopt.

A boat ride with a picnic is our first port of call. A simple beginning. I'm reluctant to admit my doubts that we'll get much done.

She knows it as well as I do, but neither of us will admit it.

Laughing distracts me from the horrors that lie ahead. Watching my father struggle to even get the boat out of the dock is entertainment enough for all of us - my sister whispers in my ear.

I'm going to miss this.

We don't do this any more. As a family. We've never tried to make the time.

Throwing her sandwich overboard, my sister promises my parents that she ate it. Taking a bite out of mine, I understand why she did it. Mum never was the best chef.

Upon first glance, we seem so normal. So happy.

But one only needs to scratch the surface to see how shattered we really are.

The End

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