Waking up in a new town, getting trapped in a room of unknown people, falling in love, escape plans, and fights that changed between life and death. Zavana's world was changed upside down by one guy who she had never met before. One proficy and her grandmas ring that was inherrited to her. But can she handle all of it before it was to late? Was Haybolian the place she is meant to be? Or back home in Scantle High?

My sight went black as night. All I could hear was my heavy breathing and my heart beat running around in my chest. My body was suddenly numb, bones turned to rubber as I could suddenly feel cold hard ground underneath me. I couldn’t feel anything; everything was numb like my blood was full of anaesthetic being pumped around my deathly body. I started to hear shouts but they faintly disappeared. Heart pounding I tried to move a mussel but no budge was possible. Trying to scream I let out a gurgle sound from deep in my throat, the sound was like blowing bubbles in fizzy water. Didn’t work in ways I wanted it to work. Was I dying? Is this what death feels like? My mind tried to send signals to move but numbness overcame my body. No. I must not let the numbness take my brain and me with it. I tried to open my eyes, failed. Move my body, failed. No. this can’t be the end. I am only 16 nearly 17 years old. I haven’t lived my life, loved or explored as I hoped too. I am still in collage. I have family. What are they going to do when they find out I’m dead? Panic traced my numbness. Hearing my heart beat faster and faster as my brain took control. Why was I still talking to myself? I am a goner right? Think Zavana, what happened before this happened? Friends laughing, kids fighting, yes Mark and Jade stupid year 10’s. Over a girl of course. Everyone was standing there watching. I remember looking up and on the other side I saw a guy staring at me. I didn’t recognize him... new student? His eyes were pure blue as ice. Cold but warm, inviting. Yes he turned and walked away. I remember telling my best friend Sarah and she suggested we leave anyway before teachers came and we got busted and then I saw him again in the corner of my eye something in his hand and then I felt a sharp pain in my hip. No. I was murdered by a collage student. What did I do to him? I don’t even know who the heak he was. What did he inject me with? Did anyone see? Oh god. Great I was murdered. Yippee for me. Darkness started to creep in, I could feel its presence. Okay it is time to embrace the end of my life. I was murdered by a collage student who I never knew but had a grudge on me. Never got to live my life till I’m an old crone. Got to say goodbye to my family and friends. Dammit this guy really fucked me up. Okay I can do this. I took a deep breathe and let the darkness take over my mind.

Zavana took in a deep breathe. Unexpected breathe. Her heart raced in her chest. Where was she and how long has she our for? Was she in heaven? Was she in a hospital? Zavana felt her forehead as it pounded loudly. Man what knocked her around her head, a frying pan geez. She opened her eyes, darkness. “Nightime in the hospital I guess” she said out loud as if someone would hear her. Nobody answered. “Hello nurse, can someone please get me some pana... oh wow this is not a hospital at all...” her eyes adjusted to the light. All around her were trees, huge fruit trees. She was lying under a huge Ash tree that stood out from all the rest. A path led the way through the forest. It was indeed night time. The moon was full, lighting the pathway and the trees that huddle around it. “Wow, where am I?” she gaped at the fact that she was not at Scantle High anymore or anywhere close to home. Zavana pushed herself off the wet ground that by the looks was from the smog that is floating in the air, coating everything in its path. Her muscles ached like she had done a big work out. She took in another deep breathe savouring the freshness of the air. No car fumes, smelly school kids or wet tarred roads just fresh air that is pure from nature herself. Her head was sore and dizzy as she took control of her self. She stood there looking around no one in site though a huge house was lurking in the distance all creepy but homey. How did she get there? And where the heak was she? She took in another fresh breathe of air and took a step forward. Zavana was unsure on what to do. Darkness lingered behind her urging her to go forward though she would of rather of stayed where she was until day time but by the look of the clouds forming in the sky it was going to poor down soaking everything in its place. No thank you she thought. She hurried down the path hoping that she could find shelter in time. It was closing in. After 5 minutes of walking of the windy path she stood infront of a two maybe three storey house. She looked closely to see if anyone lived there and by the way it started to poor as if heaven has opened up and no sign of human life in there she ran up the few stairs to the heavy door. It looked like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. Abandoned possibly? It was open slightly as if it was waiting for her arrival. Her heart jumped a few beats as a thump came from outside pushing her inside more. Zavana had never seen such a well preserved house though it did look like someone lived there. Big portraits of women and men hung on the mouldy wall. An open set of staircases leading upstairs on both sides. Twirling with the ancient house as weeds entwined with the flowers making it beautiful. As she was walking to the door straight under the stairs four men came out of the sides and from the door she was approaching. Her heart raced in panic. She just walked into someone’s house with out asking and by the way they held those weapons they weren’t going to ask if she wanted a cup of coffee. One of the guys looked at another sharing creepy glances. She realized that she was in her school uniform still. Oh my gosh this sucked. She had to be practical. “Hi, um would one of you kind men be able to tell me where I am?” They again shared another glance. Geez they could actually talk. I’m not an alien or anything. Hopefully. “You are breach in property young lady though master would be happy to have such a fine lady with us today.” Replied the older looking male that came through the door under the steps. Zavana swallowed hard suddenly a huge lump built up in her throat. She did not plan of that. She turned to leave but one of the men stood in her way moving as she did. Oh great. She knew kung fu, sucked at it but knew some moves. Turning around to face the main guy she said,”Hmm I think that I should leave now.” While trying to find a way to escape but seeing that it was pouring outside, her heart sunk. Dammit. “Rock, lets stop playing with her and take her already she looks feisty” The one to my left who was pretty cute demanded to the guy pacing towards me fast. Un-prepared the guy behind me grabbed my arms holding them behind my back. No way are they getting away with this. Though they are quiet big guys she could hopefully take them on. I let out a breathe preparing myself. In, out. Okay you can beat them. 5 to 1 not bad. Possibly it can either get me more in trouble or out. In that thought, I kicked back, kicking the guy behind me in the balls making him drop me. Okay one down, 4 more to go. They all approached now alert that I could cause trouble. Oh crap maybe this wasn’t a great idea they have crow bars and I have um nothing... One two three punch. Yus right into the face. Score. As she fought them one of 5, the leader approached. Unaware of him she kicked and punched. “Geez you are worse than the kids at my school and I mean they suck.” Ops wrong thing to say cause they all came in different directions at once surrounding her. Crap. Rock (the head of the group by the looks of it) stood there fascinated. Staring at her intrigued, he stood there looking like he could chew her to pieces, staring back she was put off guard. The guy behind her saw the opportunity and grabbed her hands and put his other arm around her neck holding her in a tight grip. Panic traced her struggling body. She tried to fight her way out by biting but he didn’t budge or squirm. Finally she gave up squirming and said,” What do you want from me I just showed up here and I really have no idea where I am please don’t hurt me.” Pleading her case she was trying to think of another escape root but this time she would figure out how far she was from home, where she was and if she could change her clothes. Rock who was fully aware now walked up to her with his right-ear skull earrings dangling with his proudly strides. Zavana didn’t realise it before but he actually had soft features under his tough act she could see it. His bald head reflected the small candle that one of his men lit and was holding. She let out a big breathe. Rock noticed what she was wearing and smiled an evil smile that sent chills down her spine making her throat choke. Waving his hand, the big bulky guy holding Zavana stepped forward with him bringing her closer to Rock. “Take her up to the holding room and I’ll tell master that a gem has arrived” grabbing her hand from her side he stared at her turquoise and gold ring, blind founded he looked up at her. “Where did you get this?” stepping closer closing in extra space between them. It was a little close for her comfort. “None of you business man, you never answered none of my questions so why should I have to answer yours!” poking her tongue out as if in defence. That pissed him off as he waved his hand again and the big black dude behind her pushed her forward signalling her to go but still holding his tight grip around her neck. The stairs looked strong considering how old they properly were. Rose coloured carpets that were embroided with gold lining spread out all up the stairs and the carpets below from where she was just standing. She could see a corridor leading both ways but they went right to the other side where the other stairs waited. To the left she could see guards waiting outside a door and she guessed that it was the ‘masters’ room. There were a few rooms in this house for shore. After the pushing and shoving they stood infront another door that had more guards standing outside it, the guy that was holding her (who she is going to call he choke for how had his arm around her throat choking her when she did not obey.) The guards nodded and opened the door. Fear streaked Zavana then panic and then confusion. The room was slightly big, windows that were dirty but touched the roof, weird walls that curved but were straight. The walls were pale cream and the floor was dirty as it had not been cleaned in ages but what fascinated her was the fact that there were people in here, approximately 8 by her guess and count. Two children under 13, a boy who looked about 17, 2 men and 3 women. Zavana caught her breathe. They looked run down like they haven’t had a good meal or shower in weeks. There clothes were dirty and ripped. They all stared at her in amazement. “Enjoy your stay princess” whispers Choke in her ear before pushing her in and slamming the door behind her. Her heart leapt and raced as she tried to turn the knob on the door but failing miserly. Turning around she found that they were all staring like she was the next meal. Zavana freaked, she didn’t want to be in this room with there people. They centred in the middle of the room in ropes that they were properly tied too. She felt sad for them; they have properly been trapped in here for all this time without any fresh meals, clothes or showers. One lady approached her holding her hands out, “It’s okay dear we will not hurt you, we are all stuck here as you are, what are you in here for?” her voice perched, in need of some extra water. “I do not know, all I remember is me and my friend Sarah walking away from a fight at school and then I saw this guy stab me with something and I am here now...? Can you help me?” Zavana piled out seeking answers. “You are in Prince Eric’s second castle also known as the death-ally” came a voice from behind the crowd of people; his voice was low, quiet and sad. “You should know that if you are a Haybolian” Standing up I saw his gorgeous face; his features were soft, delicate and masculine. His shaggy dirty blonde hair stood out on his olive skin. His emerald green eyes pierced mine, as they met he stood still as he caught sight of me, I lost all air in my lungs. The boy was magnificently beautiful; I mean he looked as if he was actually from out of a book I read. His face was recognizable but unknown at the same time. She had no idea who he was or what he did. He stared back losing the words he was about to say, he choked and coughed but returning back to her silver eyes, he traced his green eyes over her curved body that fitted her red knee-high skirt that had her school logo on it, and a blood red jumper that draped over her body hiding what lies underneath. His eyes traced up her body to her face, she had such soft features, her lips were inviting like they were daring him to go and kiss them, her curly sandy blonde hair hung out over to her shoulders completing her image as a women. He was breathless she was beautiful. He finally found the words again,”Ah well if you are a Haybolian, then I suggest that you know what happens now and where abouts you are” he finished and slowly walked up towards her, watching her closely. He didn’t know who she was or weither to trust her or not. But something in him told him that she was special. He let out a breathe. She had not seen him when she came in; her now total count is 9 people cramped into this room that was stuffy and hot. Zavana took in what he said, staying quiet she steeped aside away from the door and stood in the corner, so many thoughts ran through her mind, she could not trust these people she didn’t know for all she knows they could have done some things that ending them to be in here. “What’s your name sweetheart?” asked the lady that had put her hand away aware that Zavana wasn’t going to take it. Zavana stood there staring out the dirty window where a main road was placed and a small town that she could see behind a small hill. She planned to escape that way. She decided but now she has to get out of that room which by the looks of it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Who were these people anyway? I mean she’s not in Copetown or anywhere she knew that. She bowed her head downwards covering her eyes with her blond hair. Playing with her ring on the right hand she thought about what that guy said, she was given this ring by her nana that lives away from her, her mum, dad and older sister. It was her 16th birthday present that she loved, wore it everyday but something about that did not seem right. She stared at the big turquoise stone in the middle of the golden ring surrounded by two smaller diamonds that complimented the turquoise. It was beautiful and delicate. Passed down each generation. Her sister got a ruby ring similar to hers but her sister Kate is for the older female child of the family as mine is for the youngest. Her ring shone in the early light of the morning sun beaming light into the dark room. She re-focused again realising that she had been staring at it for hours. Everyone had settled back down with by the looks their families in the middle and sides. The guy that she missed sat on the window sill again at the back staring out into dusk that warmed the land. She could now see that there is indeed a road extending from the back of the house going over a small hill leading into a small town with houses and shops. She could also see a castle in the distance, tall and stance. She now concluded that she did not know where she was. Castles aren’t that popular back in Copetown neither are old shacks. Everyone looked asleep or falling asleep as they have had a big night. Zavana quietly walked over to the window staring out onto the land taking in what she had been dropped in, it was magnificent. No cars, busses, trucks, trains or any of that. It was quiet. Though she hopped to get out, she wished to explore first before trying to get home. She silently made that promise to herself. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” the young handsome boy said while staring out the window still. His ripped and ragered clothes stated that he has been in her at least a few days. As the others are the same. Though they are dirty, his eyes still pierce through making his face shine. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, he looked so familiar but so unrecognisable at the same time. Finally she looked down and nodded in response to his question. He seemed to notice because suddenly she felt his eyes staring at her, it made her skin burn making butterflies squirm in her stomach. She looked up to find that he was indeed staring at her. She faced flushed red and heat pumped through her body, heart racing. “You don’t talk much do you?” staring into his eyes, Zavana wetted her parched mouth and swallowed. “No, not really. Well don’t you blame me I don’t even know where I am? Who you are these people are or what I am doing here.” Zavana closed her eyes and ran her hand through her hair as she normally does when it gets annoying. “Well first things first your in Haybolian, Second I don’t blame that you’re scared I would be too in your place. Third what are you wearing?” looking Zavana up and down smiling. “And I am Max. That over there is Luke” Pointing to the 17 year old boy who looked tired. “Kuryia” Pointing to the older man in the corner curled up, head in lap. “We call him Jud as his full name is really long and hard to say.” Turning to look at the guy Max was pointing too she caught the eye of a girl about 6 years old staring right at her with big ocean eyes. Memorised she smiled at the young girl who tucked further into her mothers hold. “That is ocean, as by her eyes.” Zavana turned back to see him smiling at her. “What are you smiling at?” Zavana said to fast swiping his smile off his face. “Sorry” She quickly says after returning his smile but quickly taking it off and having a look around trying to stop his eyes cutting through her. “Those are the mums, Moxxy mother of ocean, and Anna mother of Lara.” Pointing to the brunette haired kid lying on the ground with her mother sitting next to her knitting a scarf. “And that over there” showing Zavana the lady who is sitting staring at the door like she is waiting for someone to come and get her. Not moving at all only seeing glimpses of her breathes. Zavana took in a huge breathe taking in all of what he has said

The End

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