War is drainingMature

                We had travelled for the better part of the day and had been using all the power available to use to power through the few other ambushes that had been set up. We had had to take a long route round the mountains to avoid the main body of the Relic’s army, as they had come to be known as. Now even though we were on the wrong side of the country we had a direct line across the plains back to our army.

 “Base camp this is convoy Hotel, India, Delta, Delta, Echo, November reporting the failure of our mission over.” I spoke clearly to the handheld radio tuning it to the correct frequency.


“Base camp, respond, this is convoy Hotel, India, Delta, Delta, Echo, November over”


“You don’t think they’ve been wiped out do you I mean we have been gone for a couple of weeks.” said Jason from the back seat.

“No that can’t be there was too many of them for that.” It was more a hope than a statement the same doubt had been playing in my mind too. 

Trying the radio again I tried to send a message to the main army and base camp but both tries were been met with static. Settling back in my seat I replaced the handheld on the handle, thinking back to when things had been normal, before I had been made to fight and kill, to kill and fight, when would it end? A terrible sadness swept over me, this war had to come to an end before it ended us

  The flat plains of the grasslands stretched out ahead of us, it was night and we going quite slowly to keep the engines ticking over just on their electrical batteries in the hybrid engines we had been given. The quiet whirr was comforting and I knew soon enough I would fall asleep. Flicking open the log which I was meant to have been writing in everyday I flicked through it to a clean page.

June 9thMonday.

There was an ambush, the information we’ve been give was false either that or there is a leek. Heading is currently 217˚ crossing the Tractinay flats predicted time till meet up with main army column is 2 days and 3 hours including a brief 8 hour rest in approximately 23 hours.


The pen tumbled out of my hand and as I tried to move my body to retrieve it my body suddenly felt like it weighed a tonne. The world seemed to spin with the whine of the engine suddenly becoming the only thing I could focus on. My eyelids started to lower and then I fell back and fell into the deepest and most complete sleep I had had for a long time. No dreams, no pain just peace and serenity in the nothingness.



The End

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