The camp was quiet, it was almost morning and I was sitting in the clearing again just looking up at the sky. The deep purple clouds hung suspended in the sky, forming and re-forming a hundred times over making all different shape. Though they looked ready to burst they still held my eye as they slowly drifted across the slowly brightening sky.

 Un-willingly I got up, it was my turn to cook breakfast and I really should get started with it. The green forest around me slowly came to life as I jogged along back to the camp. It was all so peaceful and serene that I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the gunshot.

 It echoed off the cliffs and before it became silent again I heard another answering burst of gunfire from a semi-automated gun. I broke into a run, pulling the separate parts of the P-M02 compact out of my various pockets quickly slotting them together until I had the loaded pistol in my hands. I was nearing the camp now and could hear the gunfire, sharp and deadly, through the clean morning air. I shifted into a crouch putting my hand into my pocket to put the radio ear piece onto my ear.

“What’s happening?” I shouted over the radio.

“It’s an attack,” James shouted back, “They sent a hit squad... how the hell did they know we were here?”

“We’re you?”

“South side behind jeeps two and three, Scotty got hit in the shoulder.”

I glanced at the sun making sure it was on my right side as I bounded through the trees still half crouched. Then I heard a flashbang go off and stumbled as the wall of sound hit me, disorientating me. I looked up and saw the jeep with Bonno, James, Ray and on the floor Scotty hiding on my side. Scotty’s face was screwed up in pain as ray injected a clear liquid into his shoulder where a small whole was welling blood.

Looking up from them I saw a black clad figure holding a pistol and a dagger running towards the jeep. I raised my own gun and fired three times; hitting him in the shoulder once and the chest twice. I dived behind the jeep.

“Where’s dag and Jason?”I had to shout over the gunfire.

“Over there” Bonno replied and pointed at another jeep where I saw Dag and Jason, both with guns out firing over the bonnet of the jeep.

“Duck” Bonno shouted as he pulled the pin from a grenade which he then sent sailing through the air. A few seconds later an explosion ripped through the air overcoming the gun fire for just a second.

“James get the machine gun set up and keep them occupied, protect Scotty and stay here, Bonno follow me.” I ordered. James quickly had his backpack off and was taking out several shining metal parts. I got up and ran over to the pile of crates and dived behind them watching as the corner of the nearest one was shattered by a passing bullet.

Looking back I saw Bonno getting ready to do the same. I saw another man stand up with a grenade in his hand and quickly almost without thinking I shot him in the arm and then the leg. He collapsed; I turned my head away as I heard the explosion. A grimace spread across my face. Bonno taped me on the shoulder alerting me to his presence before taking a panel of switches off the table and gave it to me. I flicked one of the switches and a fountain of mud and clay spouted up in the middle of the group of men who were crouched behind a group of saplings.

I ducked behind the crates again as I listened to a machine gun beat out its drumming rhythm. Then a second flashbang made me disorientated and by the time I could look up again they had gone. They had disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. I slumped down and let the gun slip out of my hands and let the pain I had stored inside me finally overwhelm me.

The End

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