"More, give me more just a bit more ... there, stop there" A voice wafted over the edge of the cliff were, just five minutes ago, Bonno had stood. He was now dangling halfway down it with a rucksack full explosives and huge grin on his face as he stuck them carefully to the rock face along nearly invisible fault lines. A couple of yards back from the lip was Dag holding the rope tight in the pulley that was attached to his own harness and he himself braced against a large boulder. 

I lay on top of a hillock of grass near the edge that allowed me an almost unobstructed view of the surrounding land. The Macmillan was set up on it's stand with the scope to my eye looking down at the magnified bottom of the valley constantly searching for any threats. The land was rocky from recent landslides but here and there there was tussocks of grass poking out from the rocks. The clouds hung low and heavy and made the whole area very dark and secretive.

Bonno was laying down the last explosive when we all heard an engine coming round one of the bends further up the pass. Moving with all speed possible I grabbed my other two camouflage nets and threw one at Dag. He let it fall into a natural position while also crouching down. I then moved over to the edge and let the other net fall to Bonno who caught it and covered himself in it then he sifted along to a ledge which had some tufts of grass on it and lay down. Ray and Scot and Jason all moved to lay in the long grass a bit further back.

I could feel the adrenaline coursing round my system as I just managed to skid under the net again as the truck came round the corner. Looking through my scope I could see that it was a forerunner, a scout to check the road ahead was clear for the supply train to go. I didn't let my finger go near the trigger, if they did not report that this passage was safe then the supply group would not come here. I watched as the passenger looked at both sides of the cliff. I tried to press myself into the soil. Slowly the truck rounded the next bend and disappeared round a wall of grey rock.

I didn't move for another five minutes just watching in case it came back. I listened to it's engine until I was sure I could no longer hear it. Then slowly I raised my hand and gave the all clear signal. Slowly everyone moved back to where they had been. Looking over the edge I saw Bonno priming the last explosive and tuning it to the remote he held. He looked up at me and signalled to be winched up not daring to speak. I looked back at Dag and nodded for him to pull Bonno up. I watched his arms strain as he half dragged Bonno back up and over the lip of the cliff.

Bonno gave one last glance at his explosives now glued to the side of the cliff and then followed us quickly and silently back to camp taking the net with him.      

The End

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