A wind had started to pick up again while we had planned the most efficient way to carry out this task as I thought of it. Its cold bite reminded us of the fast oncoming night that would soon overwhelm the camp. It brought with it the deep musky smell of the pine wood of the forest surrounding us, replacing the harsh smell of burning pine wood from our fire.

Dag looked at the map again carefully placing one of his fingers on the spot we had chosen; a Sharp bend in the river going in almost a complete U-turn surrounded on both sides by steep cliffs. A dirt track ran alongside the river at that point and was the only way through the valley unless you cared to go off-road like us, this would be the location of the ambush. It was called, fittingly maybe, Satan's pass. 

Jason leaned back and closed his eyes and let some of the lines on his forehead smooth out, almost as if he were trying to escape the whole thing, like I had done earlier today. Ray was sitting and the other end of the table checking the medical supplies left in his kit seemingly oblivious to the whole operation which we had just finished planning. He never had and probably never would participate in what we always did but he kept us alive and always cheered us up when we were in need of that. 

Dag spoke then breaking the almost complete silence "So, it is a simple supply train, 2 armoured cars and six trucks of stuff most of which is just food."

"Yes." I said slowly wondering what he was trying to get at.

"Why'd they send us?"He asked and looked at me conveying that he didn't mean anything about how the job needed to be done.

"I don't know." I answered honestly, every other task we had been assigned had been to eliminate this person or break up that attack force but not for at least three months had we been sent to take out a supply train. It just didn't fit with the pattern, we were the best, so why were we going against something so innocent, so unprotected as this ten man supply train?

Ten men, their names were printed on the sheet in front of me, everyone one of them little more than eighteen. I could feel the need tugging at my will trying to force me to look down, just for a few seconds but I couldn't, they were boys hardly more than civilians in my eyes.

Scotty put his hand on my shoulder, and expression of friendship "We'll get through this, they promised, remember? They promised. I promise you we will get through this" I nodded slightly using the back of my hand to wipe a small tear out of my eye at the same time.

"Yes, it's the last" I said in a voice that barely escaped shaking. Pulling myself together I looked up at my small group, at my friends, at my brothers. "Lets do this then".



The End

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