The jeep rocked and bounced as we sped over the flat grassland at 45mph, almost throwing me out of the back when we went over a rock that jutted out like a tooth from the ground. I grimaced once when a particularly deep ditch caused me to lose my relatively comfortable position.

"How much further have we got of this?" I asked over the closed circuit radio.

"We need to get over this land ASAP, we could be spotted," A series of grunts and I saw the jeep just avoid another tooth of rock, "anyway, we're making good time over this ground."

"Ok Scotty, keep it up and I might just about be able to walk again one day." I joked.

I looked up and again saw the rolling hills approaching, as it were, to meet us blanketed in dozens of pines and grasses. Looking a bit further on I could see our destination, Albourg, standing dark against the grey sky. It's sides were covered in stunted trees and bushes and in places you can see the bare rock where the rain had stripped it clean.

 Looking around the valley I could see that this sort of land would provide absolutely no cover for a moving party, such as ours... or our targets. That’s why they chose this place, so isolated as to be cut off and yet close enough as to be accessible for our jeeps and off-road crew.

 I was glad to be out of the barracks but still, it takes some measure of self control to get through what you know you must do, ten men, all with families, all with names even if I couldn’t bring myself to read them.

  Our team is the best, or that’s what they tell us, there’s me, Jason, Scotty, Ray, Dag, Bonno and James. James is the mechanic and has probably fixed everything we own so much they might as well be built by him. Bonno, well he’s Bonno, always at the forefront of any crazy idea and he can work wonders with explosives. Dag is the best with a machine gun and doesn’t seem to die no matter what you throw at him he’s either the luckiest man alive or the most skilled guy in existence; I tend to think the latter. Ray is the Doc and has saved all of our lives too many times to count. Scotty can drive anything whether it is boat, plane or tank. Jason is the new kid, only 18 but he seems ok if a little shy over what we do but then weren’t we all?

Me, I'm the sniper, they never even see my face, sometimes I wonder whether or not that's a good thing, never to see death untill it's too late.

The End

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