An ominous dark cloud was gathering overhead as we packed up what was left of camp ready to start on the second leg of our journey. The jeeps stood imposingly off to the side waiting for the time when we would be moving again through the mud and dirt of the forest. They were all covered in mud and for the most part so were we, it made for better camouflage and we did not want to be spotted. A brisk breeze swept through camp as it had been for the past few hours bringing with it the promise of a storm. All the woodland creatures had taken refuge in their own little buroughs and safe havens. The trees seemed to lean in, axious for us to go from the clearing, as if they could sense the danger that followed us like a bloodhound.

Gathering up the canvas sheet and ropes that had been my tent into a bundle and tying them firmly together I chucked it over into the waiting arms of Dag who then silently packed it into one of the four waiting jeeps. Groning slightly I turned to watch as the rest of my team did the same, all except Ray who sat silently on a log watching through his owl glasses. I walked over to the still glowing embers of the fire and using my shovel picked them up and placed them in a hole underneath the roots of an old oak. The rest of the camp was dealt with similarly until not even human footprint were discernible. We could not let anyone know we had been here at all.

This had been the fifth night in a row we had spent on the ground and i really was starting to feel it. I imagined myself back at home with a cosy fire going, and my black labrador curled up like a rug in front of it, and of course a good book resting peacefully on my lap.

Signalling everyone else to do the same I jogged over to my assigned jeep and clambered on, taking up my position behind the floodlights. Slowly I fitted the seperate sections of my silencer onto my pistol and settled down for the ride. When everyone was in position the engines on all four vehicles started simultaniously making hardly any noise thanks to the inbuilt hybrid engine with 465hp and enough torque to drag an elephant along with us. The motors purred as we moved out of camp and made for the hill range 23 miles away. Only half a mile from the base of the hill Albourg was the Yalarm river beyond which would be our target, a ten man supply squad headed for the main body of the triad's army, five trucks and two armored cars.

I stared once more at the last two words on the sheet of paper our briefing had been printed on, it said, "No Survivors".

The End

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