Turn Your Back

You Kissed Margo.

Let me say that again for emphasis: YOU KISSED MARGO!

You dummy! You kissed the girl who talked about you behind your back, and called you overwhelming and too much, and over the top. You fell for the girl who didn't like you, and who meant it when she said she liked someone else.

She wasn't playing tricks to win your heart. She wasn't thinking about you at night when your mind was on her. She had her back turned, chasing after someone else.

Babe, you did everything right. You didn't change for her. You would play her the music you liked, and talk about your dreams. You came back with amazing stories of the adventures you embarked on with her. I listened every night, pained, as you convinced yourself she was falling for you. I pressed hold on her end, as she told me about falling ever further for the man that wasn't you.

I'm to blame here. I didn't warn you. I didn't want to be the one to break your heart, if she was the one that held it in her hands.

I just watched from a distance as you kissed her, and her face turned cold. She told you all the things you weren't, and you became all the things you weren't.

And the problem with her, is she turned her back. She never saw what you were.

Babe, when you came to me with your eyes full of tears, I saw the boy who sang at night to the stars. I saw the boy who would sit next to homeless ladies and play songs. You would give all the tips to them, because they needed it more. You were the first hand up. You volunteer first for everything because you love to give.

But she was blind to that. She couldn't look past the flaws. Did you really want someone who didn't love you back?

The funny part is: she called me emotionally draining. She told me I wasn't ok the way I was. I left her. I didn't chase after someone who didn't share in my passions. She called the boy I married, emotionally draining as well. I call him beautiful.

She couldn't see the best friend and inner confidant within him. She shut him out and shut him down. She tried to teach him he was nothing, and he found reason to prove her wrong. When he found me, if was a gift to be the way he was. I wouldn't have fallen for the boy I love if he'd been any different.

Babe, have faith. You are amazing, and you should never change just because someone misunderstands you. You are going to get over the girl who treated you like dust. I know, because I got over you, when I met the boy who loved my every part as I did his, 

You are going to find the person who idealizes you the way that you are.

The End

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