Turn the Page

Ivy Marie Noble has never know the feeling of love. Given to a foster family for better care can she find her voice.

"You were a mistake!" My mother screamed at me.

I have vague memories of that day. Her screaming at me then waking up to a bunch of machines beeping. My wrists bandaged and pale. She came to visit me I guess she thinks I forgot. I will never forget how I got here what sent me here.  I'll start at the beginning where it all started and where it was all supposed to end.

*Flash back*

I walked in to school halfway through the door people started talking. Whispers about me why I was here and how I didn't fit in. My name is Ivy Marie Noble. Daughter of Elizabeth and Alexander Noble. We sound like royalty right its the complete opposite. Alexanders never around always working the late shift. They got a divorce when I was 3 now I only have small pictures of him in my head. My mothers a waitress and a substitute teacher. Any way back to my life.

" Ivy Noble?" The sub called.

"Here" I said quietly tring not to draw attention to myself it's best if I'm invisible to them.

School went by in a flash of colors and loud students rushing around tring to find their way to their lockers. I walked home and hoped that today would be a better day.

"Ivy!" My mother screamed.

I ran down stairs not to keep her waiting. She started her daily rant about how I was a good for nothing brat and that she shouldn't have fought for custody. I was use to that 'but something inside me cracked when she said I was A mistake and she hated me. I ran upstairs and into the bathroom. I stared at my razor for a while and then my memories blur and all there is is bliss.

The End

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