Turn Back Now

Long ago, when mist hid the ground, and clouds covered the sky, there was no peace. There were those who slunk from the shadows, and those who sat, staring at the moon and the sun, where they crept behind the layers of cloud cover. Those two sides did not agree, and there were many battles.
As much blood as there was spilled, nothing came from it. Neither side saw that, and the rivers of red began to show themselves. It was war. There were warriors, soldiers, knights, and just ordanairy creatures fighting for their homes. It seemed that the only way things would ever heal, would be when the last fighters standing, finally fell.
There was a prophecy, that showed itself on the full moon, and the clouds finally parted. If there was to be peace, there had to be one final battle. One that would decide whether there would be darkness, or light...

The darkness was not evil, and the light was not good. They were on the same level. But one was a Night Hunter, and one was Moon Hunter. Two wolves, one black, one white, who would prove to the world what side had the pure soul. When this was heard, the rest of the prophecy was discarded. They believed that peace had come finally. They were wrong.
The black wolf, Phantom, and the white wolf, Daystorm, fought for more hours and days that people bothered to count. They didn't bother with the crowds that gathered to watch. Their power was equal, and it seemed that the war would never stop after all.
With high winds, and strong storms, Phantom and Daystorm never stopped whirling up chaos. They were werewolves, and sometimes they would go back to their human-like forms and fight as the humans they once were. Then one terrible night, where it was so dark that nothing could be seen, only the rage of howls and claws could be heard above the crash of thunder and lightening, the victor was clear.
Phantom struck down Daystorm, and with all of his fury, destoryed the wolf of light once and for all.

One week later, the total darkness faded to a dim light. Phantom was weak, and died, falling into the earth, leaving two stars behind. The stars glowed in the Darkness Forest, lighting it up. Nobody understood that this was the second half of the prophecy.
The prophecy was deemed that 'There is darkness in every storm, and sometimes the rain wins over. But in the end, the light will always pull through."
The two stars were taken in by a dragon, who sealed them in one of his steel eggs. He then left them for many years, before he returned with a young girl, who touched the eggs, and they were quickened. The eggs hatched. One into a dragon girl called Evanescence, the other into a vampire called Ace.
Eva and Ace were seperated at birth. Ace ran into the city and was taken care of by a friendly couple, before she killed them for blood, and made her life many years later in the city as a dancer. Eva on the other hand, went to a far away land, where a werewolf bit her, and she turned into one.

It seemed that Earth had been restored. But on her travels, Eva found herself in the town where her other half, Ace, was. They lived there for a long time, not knowing of eachothers presence, but once day, Eva and Ace bumped into eachother.
The battle was inevitable. They screeched and fought, before the stars took over them and they fought as a black wolf, Eva, and a white wolf, Ace. Together, they were Phantom and Daystorm.
Just like the first wolves, they fought for a long, winding time. The night seemed to go on forever, before the clouds parted, and the sun came through and touched Eva's face. She blinked for a moment, and Ace felt the warmth on her back. But even in the sign of peace, they continued.
Futhermore, the people of the city began to fight for who they loved. They all fought on Eva's side. But with the sun, Ace was the one destined. Light broke through, and she ended the darkness and fufilled the prophecy. Daystorm was the winner. Light was the stronger soul. 

The End

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