Who is Renee

Tommy awoke late the next morning to the pleasant aroma of bacon wafting up the stairs.  He could hear his mother chatting with Grandma May in the kitchen ane Eddie stomping around and singing tunelessly.  Henry's even breathing still emanated from across the hall- like Tommy he had slept in.

He remembered hearing his brother muttering something in French the night before and struggled to recall what it was.  Had it been a dream... no his French sucked so he would never dream about somebody speaking it.  Henry had mentioned somebody named Renee and was pleading for her (or him?) for help.  He had sounded desparate.  Who the hell was Renee? 

He got up and started down the stairs, the name Renee still ringing in his head.  He bet she was some whore he met up with when he was slumming around Montreal.

The End

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