Story so far: Mary is visiting her elderly mother May in her small town over Thanksgiving with her three sons. Henry, the oldest, is troubled and manipulative. The middle son, Tommy, is gay and has a deep seated resentment towards Henry. The youngest, Eddie, is autistic and forever under the care of Mary. Tommy recalls their late father as being forever disappointed in his sons, and hints that this may have caused his death. Tommy begins to seriously think about how to rid his family of He

Mary stood outside her mother‘s house and watched the sun dip down past the houses of the small prairie town. There was a chill in the air, but it was nice to, for a moment at least, get away from the cloying smell of turkey and cranberry sauce inside. Thanksgiving dinner had been a success in that this time there had been no real fighting.

For the past six years, nobody had so much as mentioned the bad blood that was so evident between Tommy and Henry, but it had been there as plain as day for as long as she could remember. The feud had only fully erupted once, but that was enough to solidify the knowledge that the family was broken, and that these two brothers would never be friends. Today there were no unbrotherly words traded across the table- both in fact kept their drinking in check- but there was something else between them. It could not so much as be seen as felt, a kind of static in the air between them which spelled trouble.

Mary stepped back into the house letting the screen door slam behind her. Her old mother was already sleeping off too much wine upstairs, but was deaf enough to not be wakened by the noise. She walked across the living room and walked back into the kitchen. The leftovers had been stuffed hastily into the fridge, and dirty dishes were piled in the sink. Her mother was 85, and like many people of her advanced years, mistrusted modern appliances such as dishwashers.

She eyed the remains of Thanksgiving for a moment, feeling suddenly ashamed. What had she done to deserve having two sons who so clearly hated each other? She felt tears rise in her eyes as she found herself searching the rubble on the counter until she found a still half full bottle of wine. Lifting it to her lips, she recounted the whole affair of this year’s Thanksgiving. Yes, it had gone over well enough. Everything had turned out perfectly. But damned if Tommy and Henry hadn’t managed to ruin it all- for her at least- with their cold indifference to one another.

The End

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