Home Sweet Home

Approaching: Plutune, repeat approaching Plutune. We stared ahead looking at Plutune and anxiously waiting as we slowed and approached the planet. We landed at the refugee camp my parents had said they were at.

My parents knowing it could only be me flew out and hugged me with what seemed like no power. Realizing she must be starving I handed her and my father food. Then the other aliens followed me inside where we delivered food and planted trees for food.

We stayed with the refugee camp for a day but the other aliens, wanting to find their own parents decided to leave and deliver food, plants, and animals to the other refugee camps in hopes of also finding their parents. I said a sad farewell as even though I had known them for a very little time, they were still my friends.

I watched them leave and then went to rejoice with my previous neighbors. I was to remember this little journey for the rest of my days. I would never see them again but I would always remember them and that even when something is hard, you never give up.

The End

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