Time To Go Home

Thanks to the other aliens we had finished the ship in ten days working day and night nonstop. It was enormous and we had already filled the inside with various plants and animals. I had altered them so they could survive using only nitrogen in the air which was all there was on Plutune.

We gathered inside the comfortable interior which was needed for, we would be speeding to Plutune and only had a couple of days left. I intended to reach Plutune in two days and the others had agreed.

I pressed the lanuch button. Unlike human ships, turtle-bat ships dont have a countdown for takeoff; we immediately jumped into the air getting faster all the time until we were zooming through space faster than light. The ship, self-directed followed my plan and rushed next to Jupiter. Using Jupiters gravity we spun around about a quarter of the way and were launched at an even greater speed towards where my family had told me Plutune was. We all hoped we would both land on Plutune and have time to save our families.

The End

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