Dead City

We marched for days with little food. Many of the aliens began to complain and get angry but I convinced them to stay. We marched until we came to a deserted city, by then we were tired and hungry so we greedily ransacked the city finding food. It was a war torn city but only a few buildings were broken.

BZZZZZ,BZZZZZ, I felt my chest vibrate and I remembered the radio from the pod. I took it out and read the message: Son we are still alive, we survived the crash and now Pluto and Neptune have become one planet, we are still orbiting around the Sun. Most of the plants have died and there is little food. I shared the news with the other aliens as they were mostly from Neptune. We decided to make a space ship and bring plants and animals back to Plutune (what we decided to call the new planet) so they could have food and we could live on Plutune again.

The only question was, how? We scavenged the buildings and found plenty of materials for our space ship and fuel sources. But how would we build a ship fast enough? The answer came when we discovered a broken down ship that was dented, burned, and missing pieces but we could repair it. We decided to use it. The stronger guys immediately began to gather pieces by either tearing it off buildings or finding scraps on the road.

The End

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