Jail Break

The prison guard walked up and hearing nothing, became nervous; usually their were tons of racket in here. Walking up to the cell he saw that all the aliens were lying on the floor, most of them had their eyes closed. They had blood on them and thinking they had been murdered by some enemy, he set off the alarm.

Suddenely the base was filled with armed men and sounds of orders through the speakers. A clean-up crew came to throw away the bodies, but when they opened the gates they were run over by the aliens. We ran into a group of guards but we just bulldozed through them. Picking up their weapons we continued our march to escape.

The humans thinking that we would be locked in the jail forever had made the rest of their building comfortable and the walls were easy to break through. Spotting a window the aliens broke through the wall and rushed outside. We were immediately hailed by bullets as soldiers saw us escaping, but we quickly responded making a wall of the stronger aliens to block and fire back at the humans. Remembering my family I went into a mad rage and open fire on the soldiers. We broke through the fence and ran until we were far away from the prison.

The End

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