Prison Mates

This time when I woke I was able to move and realized that I was now in a dark room with metal bars on one side and in the room were a bunch of creatures. They looked vicious and I realized that these were most likely the other creatures the humans had caught. "Who are you," I asked; they all stared at me except for one, he was a small creature that looked like a centaur with a spider body instead of a horse body, he spoke, repeating things in different languages. I guessed he was the translator. The other creatures responded to him one at a time like they had rehearsed. He asked me, "well who are you?"

I explained everything to them, who I was, how my planet had been destroyed, how I escaped and then ended up here. They told me how they had been here for so long and never seen daylight. In the conversation we had, I realized they were a variety, some were the brains, and some were the braun. I was both, and better. All of us wanted out but even all the strong creatures put together couldn't break through the metal bars. I hatched a plan with the other smarter creatures. We shared the plan with the muscle.

The End

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