As I flew toward them one pointed at me and shouted some words to a boy. The boy brought back a gun and binoculars. The dad looked through the binoculars and took a couple of seconds adjusting it; he saw me and lifted his gun and shot. I dived and watched as the dart whistled past. I knew bullets were deadly and knew if I was hit I would...thunk. My eyelids turned to metal weights and I felt myself falling...sleep darts!

I woke up in a dull white room unable to move; my muscles were frozen and they ached. I moved as much as I could to unlock the muscles and took big breaths to give more nitrogen to my muscles. I started to loosten up, and every movement became a victory.

A human came in and suprisingly he spoke my language, I was fully able to move and he seemed a bit nervous. He had right to be, turtle-bats are known to be vicious and very good fighters. The only soft spot is our stomachs and it's still not to soft, the rest of my body including my wings are stronger than diamond. The human brought out a pencil and notepad and started to take notes and draw pictures. Seeing how organized this was I assumed other creatures had landed on the blue-green planet before.

I sat still as he drew me and studied him, he was not as feeble as he looked, most people would think him weak and not be afraid to fight him, but I knew he had muscle. He was tall and was thin. He had an extra coating on his eyes that made his eyes more clear to look at. As I studied him his hand zipped like lightning and he felt my skin. He stared in awe at my sturdy body realizing it was a very strong shell; I took pride in that. After finishing his notes and sketches he strolled out of the room.

Right after he walked out the room filled with a green gas and I felt myself being pulled into another deep sleep...

The End

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