Entering Earth

I sped towards Earth and suddenly I was a comet; my pod was on fire! I panicked, we had learned what fire was in the lenter but I had never seen it. It was a magical thing, dancing like it was alive. But I knew it wasn't, I was so facinated with it that I missed the ground rushing up to greet me and didn't have time to land softly, instead I smashed into the ground and luckily was able to eject myself before the pod rocketed off a cliff. I watched it fall and smash to pieces below.

I freefalled down and landed softly right next to it;  was a tiny bit smarter than the other turtle-bats and so remembered all pods have a radio. Just in case my parents were alive and wanted to comunicate with me. Thinking about them brought tears to my eyes but I blinked them away; I tucked the radio into my shell (turtle-bats have very spacey shells and often use them for storing needed or personal items).

I soared up to get a look at my surroundings and nearly got tackled by a bunch of flying animals flying in a V-formation. Since when did the blue-green planet have flying creatures? My breaths were heavy from the scare, and then, I thought you couldn't breathe on the blue-green planet; then I remembered turtle-bats breathe nitrogen, which was plentiful on the blue-green planet.

Looking around I noticed a little building in the distance and drifted to it. It was a short little building made entirely out of wood and stone. Being adventurous I glided over to the building and decided to communicate with the humans milling about.

The End

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