The Flight

I nearly died, if it wasn't for Turtle-Bats being geniuses, I would be dead. I flew away from Pluto to see Neptune, a giant planet slowly demolish my home planet. That and my parents faces would be forever burned into my mind. They would make me cry with guilt. I survived, and they died, crushed by another planet.

I hurtled through space, not caring about anything except my parents. I lost track of time, I barely ate, didn't see anything, until finally I looked forward. I forgot about the past for the time being. I remembered that dwelling on the past would make you forget to live and you would die. So I survived, I needed to eat and so I did. I kept myself alive because I didn't give up; I had something to fight for.

Beep, approaching target: The blue-green world. I sat up and wiped my eyes. What? Repeat, approaching target: The blue-green world. Oh we had learned about this in the lenter (learning center) the blue-green world where besides Neptune, the only other creatures lived. The creatures that ruined their world by clogging up the sky and slowly choking themselves and every other organism to death.

I began my descent to a new planet, the planet you would call... Earth.

The End

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