The Collide

Every turtle-bat feared this day, the day Pluto would smash into Neptune and spin away from the sun. This was the day that scientists predicted when our race would cease to exist; when every turtle-bat would freeze to death.

It also happened to be on my 431st rising day (one year for the race called humans, is 100 years for us turtle bats). It came like any other day; my family was excited for it was my rising day, or as you humans would call it, a birthday.

It came on the horizon, a very dim horizon at that, but it came.  The scientists predicted [Neptune] would miss and we were safe. They were wrong. Neptune smashed into Pluto like a bullet and the Pluto inhabitants could feel it even on the other side of the planet. Even on the other side of Pluto everything was destroyed; there were no means of escape for anyone.

That's where I was, but I survived. My parents being rich and smart had built a pod with cushions around it to save me when this did happen. They rushed me to the pod and plopped me in. I couldn't hear their last words; their voices were drowned by the roar of the crowd everywhere.

The End

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