James Evans

Amongst the crowd stood Caitlin Evens; her sandy brown hair hung low near her waist which is where the boy’s height came to.

He had spiky coffee colored hair that was messily tied back in a small pony tail that hung from his upper neck. His hair was so messy that his bangs still hung out and stood on end. He almost looked exactly like a baby version of Christopher. The boy was dressed in a small black suit with a red dress shirt and black tie. I could tell by the way he was leaning against Caitlin that he was undoubtedly and incredibly board. That was definitely him.

That was James Evens.

“Mama?” I asked, turning my head to face her. She didn’t hear me, since she was paying attention to my Papa who, at the moment, was flirting with our table’s young waitress. So, I reached over and tugged on her dress’ sleeve.

“Mama?” I asked again patiently. This time she looked at me, and I pointed in the direction of James and Caitlin while trying to ignore the constant glares she sent towards Papa.

“That boy over there. That’s James right?” she spotted at the two Evens in a small crowed near their table and after a moment of silence, gave a curt nod.

“I was right!” I exclaimed under my breath.

Another male server came over –to my father’s disappointment—and set down salad plates. Nearly every guest in the room simultaneously returned to their seats to eat. My mama set a napkin in my lap and told me to behave; then, she immediately turned to my Papa to ask the same of him. With a small giggle in reaction to my Papa’s face, I picked up my fork and stabbed the first chunk of leafy greens.

            As I chewed, I snuck a glance over to the Evens Family’s table then the stage once again. Before I realized it, I had gone into a complete zombie-like stare mode: not moving, and not processing any information.

“Finish your food Chrissie.”

“Oh, sorry.”

The End

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