My Papa knew David Evens very well, so here and there he and Chris would speak too. He talked about my Mama a lot, but he also talked about the girl at his work. If Mama knew about that, Papa would have been long gone by now. He may have been well acquainted with David, I’m not too sure if he was familiar with Caitlin or their youngest.

"Here, Christina, sit next to me." My Mama said as she and Papa sat down by a table. She pulled out the chair next to her and I happily sat down in it before taking a good look around the cavernous room.

Dimly lit, crystal chandeliers hung from a ceiling that resembled the night sky; tables in simple white table cloths filled most of the floor space and matching chairs that were decorated with Christmas lights took up the remaining carpet area.

A modest stage was situated near the back of the room; several spot lights illuminated the elevated, dark brown floor and two speakers –that were taller than me—stood off to the side. There were a couple different instruments, like a perfectly polished Cello, a small yet radiant silver trumpet, and a minute jazzy drum set situated in the area. But, there was other instrument that caught my eye; a large black Piano that sat patiently next to the Violin.

I felt a desperate need play or at least touch the delicate instruments; I caught myself nearly drooling at the wondrous sight. There was really no way to describe that feeling, I could only think of was it felt like to play on a stage, to have the burning light shine down upon me and have the stares of the audience captivated by the sweet nectar that those tools of emotion on that stage could have.

Soon realizing that my ridiculous, spur-of-the-moment concocted dream would definitely never happen tonight, I sighed and continued to scan the room for something else to occupy by impatient and hyperactive thoughts.

As I studied my surroundings, I saw that I wasn’t the only young female in the premises; in fact, there were many teenage girls just about Christopher’s age and a few girls that were more likely to be my age. I know that I saw a few males here and there, but I didn’t pay any attention to them—all except one. 

The End

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