Snow lay asleep on the ground, its thick layers inviting me to jump in and join the party; the mounds of untouched, perfect packing snow was almost impossible to resist. Almost, being thekeyword.

“Papa, are they any good?” I asked, as he stopped in front of the valet. Mama pulled me out of the warm, comforting car into the frigid air. I couldn’t help, but shiver.

We were invited to see the famous Evens family and to attend their dinner party. Inside the building, I could hear a multitude of voices; loud, raucous, but cheerful laughter and soothing music. Even though the music was muffled, I could still hear the clarity of each separate note.

I had just started Violin lessons a few months back, but even though I had only a short duration of musical experience under my belt, I could hear the exquisite quality of the simple jazz tune.

I was excited, very excited.

Although I could hear the large crowd inside, there were still many people lined up on the outside, waiting to be greeted and welcomed. Since the prospects of entering the large mansion flooded every possible corner of my brain, I had completely forgotten that I had asked a question earlier.           

“Yes, you’ll see,” my Papa finally answered, “They all have many talents. You’ll see.”

We approached the door as he said this. I could see a lightly tanned, brunette at the door, shaking and holding small conversations as each guest came by.

His hair was messy, and he was dressed in a white suit with thin vertical aqua marine stripes that seemed like they trailed down his pant legs. He glanced to the side and smiled as we approached and my Papa held out his hand.

“Hello, Chris,” he greeted, as the blue eyed teen gave him a handshake. “I’d like you to meet my wife Cairn,” my Papa let go of Chris’ hand and held it up to present Mama before setting it on my head, “and our daughter Christina.”

Chris shook my mama’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Reid.”

He then said to her, making her smile and echo his words right back to his, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too Christopher.”

Then he knelt down to meet my forest green gaze with his ocean blue one. He held out his right hand to me with a smile on his face. “And it’s very nice to meet you too Christina,”

I smiled and with my tiny eight year old fingers, I took his and shook it. “Adorable.” Chris said before standing up and patting my head. “Well, Mr. Reid, go ahead and find a seat where ever you’d like.”

“Thank you Chris,” my Papa said before leading me and my Mama inside so Chris could greet the rest of the guests. 

The End

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