True happiness

I saw that he was staring at the spot where I stood earlier; many emotions were contained in that stare: astonishment, surprise, relief, and contentment. A small smile crept up onto his face and in time, slowly grew. After that, he turned and walked back to his table to sit and stare at his dessert; his eyes were in a daze and that genuine smile never faded.

Trying to ignore my Papa and Mama’s persistent questions as to why I didn’t ask him to dance I reached for my dessert spoon. I felt that what I did was a big accomplishment. I made James Evens smile for what seemed like the first time that night!

He was visibly happy, and for some reason it made me really happy. I smiled and took a bit of my melting ice cream as my Papa and Caitlin spoke with each other. They laughed a little, and when I glanced at the Evens table again I saw Christopher sitting next to him, but that sister of theirs was still nowhere to be found.

The brothers were holding a conversation with an old couple. I could tell that the couple was praising the boys. Christopher smiled and patted James’ head who smiled a little more before glancing in my direction one last time.

He didn’t need to be complimented by them anymore, I told him I like his playing and that was enough for him. I was sure of that. But, I still couldn’t shake off that bad feeling in my stomach. Something told me that after tonight everything would be different.

Or, it might have been me eating my ice cream to fast. 

The End

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