Annoyed Fan-girls

He never made eye contact with her. Maybe, he was...ignoring her?

His river blue eyes were glazed over, and his replies were automatic as if he was bored of repeating a similar process. After the girl finished talking, James gave her a nod saying, "Why not?' with a shrug; but still no eye contact.

She squealed in happiness before grabbing his hand and dragging him into the crowd. I narrowed my eyes, trying to get a better picture of what was happening. I watched them closely and noticed that every time his face came into view, he was still glancing a little to the side, completely avoiding her eyes.

I saw the blonde suddenly stop and give James a puzzled look, and then said something. I didn't need to know what she said; she was confused with why he wasn't paying attention to her.

James replied, but apparently the answer wasn't good enough.

The girl stomped on his foot, then stormed off with her petite face full of anger. But he didn't move an inch until he noticed the swarm of girls waiting to dance with him. He shuffled across to the side and disappeared into the crowd.

I swore that I felt myself flinch when her foot slammed down on his, but that could have been my Mama setting her hand on my shoulder.

"You should go dance with James," she ordered gently before lightly pushing me off my seat.

The End

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