Tuesdays with DemonsMature

A young man named Rayen finds out he's a half demon:
Rayne Everett always felt that he was different somehow. Of course, growing up with a hippie mother who ran a new age shop would tend to make anyone feel a little bit odd, but it was more than just that. It was the the vague stories about his father and the reluctance to of his mother to help him find any trace of relatives on his paternal side.
Rayne knew that something was up and he was going to find out what ...


   You know how they say that serial killers look just like everybody else? I mean, you hear it on the news all the time, right? Whenever they're interviewing the poor shmucks who lived next door to some asshole who's been carving up his victims, the people on the news always say that you wouldn've never been able to tell the guy was a monster just  by looking at him and that he seemed so friendly and blah, blah, blah ..

   Well, demons are like that too. If you were just walking down the street, you'd never be able to tell a demon from a look alone. They can be tall or short or skinny or fat or old or whatever. They look just like everybody else. It'd be easier if they had horns and tails or red skin because they you could avoid them and you wouldn't get sucked into being wined and dined by one. And then you wouldn't invite said demon back to your house and have sex with it. And then you wouldn't end up pregnant with some half demon kid. Of course, it's not like people KNEW that they were bringing a demon home. He didn't hand out business cards that said 'Follower of Satan' or anything on it.

   It would have been convenient if that had been the case because then my mom could have rethought her whole 'one night stand' thing and gone after someone who, maybe, wasn't hellspawn. But in her defense, she just didn't know. And that's what makes demons so dangerous.

   Something good came of the whole situation, though, so it wasn't a total crapshoot. After all, if mom hadn't boinked the demon, she wouldn't never got me. And if she didn't have me, who knows where she would've ended up. My bet would be some creepy ass commune working with other hippies while some dude who called himself God (but who's real name was Ralph) stole everyone's money and jumped the country.

   So I guess if I think about it, I actually have to thank the demon for hooking up with my mom... not that it's something I think about a lot because, well, ew. Who wants to think about their mom getting hot and touchy with a demon? 

   Yeah, excuse me ... I just picture it.

   I need to go barf ...


The End

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